Anyone Recently Purchased A California Car Duster?


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Apr 11, 2002
Has anyone recently bought one of these and from where? I had one years ago after I initially got my 02 GT. Along the way I've somehow lost it and was looking to get another one. I saw a lot of reviews on Amazon with people saying it was leaving a lot of pieces from the brush behind. Has anyone gotten one recently and had this happen?. My car is black so if there is any chance more junk could get left on it, I don't want to bother. Wasn't sure if it was maybe an issue with the newer ones or something. Anyone who has any recent experience and could give me your feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 1, 1998
Arnold, MD
Curious to see this myself as well, but I'd bet it could be user error.

I, too, am semi-in-the-market for one. I have a knock-off brand duster that I also got back when I first bought my '03 GT (new) and it's showing it's age. I'd like to get one of the wood-handled dusters this time around. The shop that I just had the GT painted at has one and the owner came out and was using it on my car before I left with it. I don't know how old that one was but it wasn't leaving anything behind.
Oct 6, 2017
PL. Grove UT
I won an original California car duster at a car show couple months ago. It doesn't have a wood handle though. Couple buddies have had their wood handled ones for years.
Even newish they leave nothing behind. I love my California car duster. Recommend it to anyone who doesn't already have 1