Anyone replace their metal fuel lines yet?


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Sep 24, 2002
New Jersey
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A while back I melted one of the rubber fuel lines on my tailpipe and while I was under there I noticed that my metal fuel lines were pretty rusted. Is it difficult to replace the metal ones with new metal ones? I found this kit to replace the entire system but wasn't sure about replacing the metal lines with nylon/rubber.

What do you guys think?
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Aug 1, 2001
Austin, Texas
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I just took a set off a 91 and they had rust about 10-12 inches on both lines where they meet the tank--thought that i needed to replace them as well, however i took them out hit the rust area with my small angle grinder(or whatever you have) and its all surface rust lines were in great shape, might want to try that first same you some cash. Good Luck



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Sep 24, 2002
New Jersey
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Juiced, were they difficult to get out? I was afraid I would ruin them getting them out (that's why I figured I would replace them with the rubber kit) but if it wasn't that bad getting them out maybe I'll try. What did you have to do to get them out?
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