anyone running a megasquirt

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  1. im thinking about swapping in a megasquirt plug and play into my fox for when i go turbo. has anyone have any experience with them? ive heard good and some bad. the AEM EMS is alittle to pricey for me and the megasquirt is a nice price and i can control my boost and delet my mass. any .02? thanks guys.
  2. I just started using mine, a little tricky to set up at first, but i really like it. The car runs good, and i dont know if you thought of this, but it saves you the cost of a MAF sensor. The box does alot too.

    Only drawback to me is that it isnt sequential, but for 600 bucks, i really cant complain. I paid $650 for
    my first chip tune and that was something i was stuck with and the car didnt run so hot.

    My suggestion would be to print out a copy of every tech article on the DIY autotune site and read them a few times, and also have it handy for your initial setup. Also, go to radioshack and get a Serial to USB adapter cable if you only have USB on your laptop. The adapter that comes with the MS sucks.
  3. what do you mean it isnt sequential? the one im looking at is $700, its the plug and play and comes with a base map for the 5.0. not sure if yours is the same. im also going to have the boost controller mod done to it so it will control my boost for me aswell. im also aware of the ability to delet the mas and im looking forward to that! any other tips for me?
  4. MegaSquirt-II V3.57 plug and play for 1986-1993 5.0 Mustang

    Thats the kit i bought. Not sequential means it is batch fired, or bank to bank. Sequential fires a single injector at a time and bank to bank fires 4 injectors at once. They have a discount till the end of the month that you should jump on. the code is 'COUNTDOWN'

    I bought a EFI tuning book from summit that had alot of stuff i already knew, but there was definitly stuff i learned from ti and it was good to refresh my memory

  5. go on... Is bank to bank bad then? I can't see how it can be as accurate or make as much power as sequential?
  6. not sure about sequential making more power at rpm, because those events are happening really fast...
    but at idle, there will be a difference between sequential and batch firing...
    Anyone who has played with injector timing on their stock ecu has seen the difference.

    I thought there were now options for getting sequential injector firing with MS?
    Although, I'm a stock ecu kinda guy, so I don't keep up with MS stuff too well...
  7. I should add that idle quality won't be 'horrible'...

    Stock F-series trucks, all of the 2.3 and 2.3t engines, and I think most non-HO engines were batch fire.
    Ford thought the idle quality was good enough to go into production...

    I'm just saying that there is a difference... whether or not that matters to you... if only for you to say...
  8. I just want the best tuning setup for me. There is no one for me to take my car to so I need a system that I can master 100% myself. Im smart and learn quickly, and im not afraid to spend some money, but of course don't want to spend more than I need. I already have an innovate Lc1 wideband that is datalog ready. I like the MS because it's speed density and im boosted, but the qh sounds like a great setup. Pretty soon im goin to swap in a built Hci 408 so im in the process of installing all the supporting mods first

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