Anyone running No2 on 99/01 Cobra's?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by P4ynefull_1, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Well, I have been reading all I can about mods to these years. I know most are going to say just do a pro-charger. I don't want to get into that right now...plan on these mods first. Here are my mod plans.

    Wider tires (will 265's fit on the stock rims?)

    Now, my questions are these. Anyone running a 100 shot? What's it take parts wise? Is this safe for these motors? What brand? Wet/dry?

    I'm learning, but it's tough to get through eveyones opinions. Seems like you get the supercharger guys that don't care for it....then the No2 guys saying it's cheap and safe power.

    Any other mods you guys think of...I'll be more than happy to listen. I plan on hitting the track in a few weeks to see where I stand now. These will occur over the next few months...with some help and advice from you guys.

    I know the IRS sucks for the 1/4....but I love it on the corners. Will it hold up with those gears and spraying? I read it's weak.....any way to build it up? Thanks!

  2. i know 99cobraqt is running 100 shot nitrous
  3. Here's how the formula breaks down...............
    wider tires + 4.10 gears + N2O on a '99-'01 Cobra= somebody better be upgrading those halfshafts to '03 factory or Stage III's (or have an F250 PowerStroke to tow it home). :doh:
  4. Why do you say that? I know 99's have blown half-shaft's but so have 01 and 03 owners. I do think it is possible to break but I don't think it is a garuntee just because of more torque.
  5. Stock wheels are supposed to hold a max size of 245's with BFG tires. A lot of guys run 275 nitto's and like them though.

    A 100 shot is a lot of power! I think that is pushing the stock motor. I'd get a 75 shot max if I got nitrus. I tend to lean tward the safe side though. Rebuilds are not cheap.
  6. 275/40's will fit your rims and won't throw your speedo off. They have almost exactly the same diameter as the stock 245/45's. Here's a thread with some pictures:
  7. 75 shot definately, be safe. My cousin has an '01 Cobra with CAI, X-Pipe, Flowmasters & Nittos runs real good, he put a Zex kit on it with a 75 shot and it was a whole different animal :D
  8. Thanks for the replies. 75 shot max? Fine by me as long as it's safe. I just saw alot of GT owners running 100 shot, but I guess they have alot less compression.

    If the 275's fit on stock rims, would you do that all around or stagger them?

    So, I have a few different opinions on half-shafts. Will they hold up or not? Would 3.73's be better then?

    Thanks again guys!

  9. I think 3.73's are good with a power adder. My buddy put a 100-125 shot on his before but had a chip with a nitrous program in it and good gas.
  10. Get a Chip to run the spray from JMS and spray about 75hp. YOu will be fine.

    As far as the half-shafts you have to watch the launch and you will be ok, just dont launch on the spray and keep it above 3800-4000 RPMS before you get happy with the spray.

    I have been away from the forums for a long while now, since I'm on leave on my way to Germany.

    I'll be in touch.

  11. Yeah, I'm running 125 shot NOS dry kit. That might sound a bit extreme to some though. If it's tuned right and you have all the things to make the nitrous system work safely (window switch, timing adjusts when nitrous is armed, colder plugs, etc...etc...) there shouldn't be a problem. I sprayed a Stang for over 2 years w/o a problem. As far as breaking halfshafts...well, I did that on Nitto dr's running low 13's/high 12's last year before the nitrous. I knew I was going to build my car up a lot more so I decided to go with the solid axle. As for the least get 4.10's or you might be upset you didn't later.

    Btw, I'm by far no expert so I can only tell you IMO and what I've experienced. Maybe stay towards the safer side and start at 50-75 shot? Good luck.

    Lisa :)
  12. I totally agree with Lisa ....

    The half shafts will break no question - even without a power adder so just buy the 03 stock shafts and you will be fine. They upgraded them big time.

    The size shot is all about tuning, and safety. Get a window switch, bottle warmer, JMS chip, WOT switch and colder plugs and you will be fine with 100. Just don't go over 425 at the wheels. Purchase 94 gas as well.

    I have this setup along with 4.56 gears. I would never go shorter but it all depends on you. If you drove my car you would want the tall gears too. 4.10 is not a tall gear .... it's just a step into "Tall zone". 4.10s are good all around gear!

    my .02
  13. Man everyone keeps saying the 03 half shafts are a lot stronger. What is stronger? What kind of comparision tests have you seen to validate this claim? Hopefully not just Ford propeganda.

    I've heard of 03 Cobra's breaking half shafts running the same times Lisa has mentioned. I've also heard of 99 Cobra's running 10's on the stock IRS.
  14. P4ynefull,
    What you should do is try getting a hold of Joe Lynch either through PM here or over at in the Cobra forum. He's been running nitrous in his 99 for over a year now, with I believe a 100 shot but he got the tuning down for it. He'll be able to answer a lot of your questions.

    As for the 03 shafts, yes they are stronger than the 99/01s but a friend of mine snapped his halfshaft on his 03 Cobra on a Nitto. If you're serious about upgrading the halfshafts, GKN(or whatever the new company is) or Raxle makes premium upgraded halfshafts that will hold up very well.
  15. Thanks again for all the advice! I learn something new everyday.

    MC, thanks, I'll try to get ahold of him. It would seem he is the man that is running what I'm interested in. Thanks again!

  16. BTW, here's the link to Joe Lynchs' site where he talks about his experience with the factory halfshafts on his '99. The 99-01 Cobras use the weaker shafts, whereas the increased diameter of the outboard stub and less radical taper on an '03 halfshaft is visually noticeable.
    Left with 3.27's and factory rubber, you'll probably never have a problem............ but if you decide to go the N2O and gears, then the upgrade to GKN Stage II's or Raxles is probably money well spent
  17. I can't wait until someone starts testing these Cobra parts and posting results. I'm not a believer that the 03 shafts are that much better until I see some independant test results. Bigger doesn't mean stronger. It isn't a cheap investment to upgrade for me.

    Are the aftermarket shafts available yet? Last I heard they were going to be ready in March of 03 but I have not found any for sale yet.

    I'm so glad my shafts don't look like those do on Joe's site ;). I'll tell ya since my trans swap I have not had the car hop at all. I've done several good burnouts on the street and strip too.
  18. So you guys don't recommend going with a 100 shot on a 01 GT with only exhaust and intake? Im not planning on doing major mods to the car maybe some nicer tires but that's about it. What shot of nitrous should i use and what precautions should i take, some one told me before to retard the timing and get colder plugs. Do i have to do anything with the fuel? (i rather not) so whats the most i could shoot? Thanks
  19. I run a 125 NOS dry kit on my 99 Cobra. I blew the clutch on my fourth pass! I installed a new kevlar clutch and it is holding together. I'll try the next jet up but only on Cam2. Should be okay.
  20. ok so what should i do to run 100 shot on an 01 GT with intake and exhaust. I need to get colder plugs and retard the timing right? Will that do it or do i have to upgrade the fuel? (i rather not) The timing how much should i retard it, and will the colder plugs and retarded timing affect daily driving. Will the car feel slower or wack when is not under nitrous? Thanks for your help, i just bought my mustang and im not very informed about them, but i dont' want to go too far into mods since im going to change the car in about two years