Anyone Running Open Bypass Valve?

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  1. So I just installed the stage 2 intercooled procharger kit on my 2012 5.0 and it comes with a surge valve and filter to go with it. It is on the car right now but I have been looking into running an open bypass valve instead. I want it louder and figured this was the way to go. So many people complain about how loud the prochargers are but mine is so quiet and sounds like it has no blow off. Does anyone on here have any info on running the open one? Will it function okay on 7.5 psi of boost?
  2. Concentrate on the performance of the vehicle and leave the noise for the boy racers.
  3. Haha well one of the good things about the supercharger is the sound of it and I'd like to hear it

  4. Yeppers! Ensure that thing is singing the song of it's people and move on to getting that suspension squared away. :nice:
  5. I know! That's a huge task I have in the future. On my last mustang (2004 Mach 1) I sunk all my money into bolt ons and suspension, now this car is the opposite. All I have is springs right now but I want the rear control arms next
  6. I'm running the Open Race valve on my D-1SC Stg 2, and it is L O U D !!! (I love it. :D)
  7. So does it still have a vacuum line on it? Or does is just bolt up to the intercooler piping and vent straight to the atmosphere?
  8. Yup, the open race BOV uses the plastic lines with the brass push lock fittings. It's still connected to the vacuum log on the brake booster hose.

  9. Awesome! It looks good. Thanks for the reply, now I'm going to go order it! Did it need a different tune for that bov?