Anyone see the new Midnight Club???

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  1. Ok so I am at work the other night (electronics department) and this new trailer for Midnight Club Los Angeles comes over the big screen tvs and I was floored. It caught my attention because the dude was rippin' an 05 or higher Saleen then I saw a sick Boss 429. I dunno if anyone else is a gamer but it looks like they finally made a racing game correctly! I like Gran Turismo as well but I like the whole street racing aspect of games a lot better. I also found out you can customize EVERY aspect of the cars from the power adding mods to the interior. You can even customize your shift knobs. It looks crazy. The graphics are insane they even did the "smog effects" for Los Angeles.

    I plan on picking it up for my PS3 when it drops next month. Sorry if this doesn't relate to anyone but when I saw a good street racing game with some sick old school/ modern muscle cars other than straight imports in it for a change I got excited.
  2. sounds pretty cool:nice:, lately ive been a fan of the need for speed games. i also have a ps3 but i have not seen the trailer for a new midnight club. im sure ill see it someitme and will most likely pick it up, but if you do let me know how it is if i havent b ought it yet so i know whether or not to get it.
  3. Yeah, i played the first Midnight game on PS2. It was pretty fun, not very real feeling like a simulator - but the street racing aspect is new and different. You should watch Wangan Midnight on youtube - inspired this stuff.
  4. :nice: Yeah, I sure like a good racing game. Hope it's got some great cars on it! I like a lot of different American Muscle to flex! :hail2:
  5. Yeah I know the first few wern't really simulators what so ever... But from what I saw they are making this one pretty realistic. If you go on youtube and just type in Midnight Club Los Angeles you can watch the trailer. Or if anyone has a PS3 you can download the trailer off the PS3 store for free and watch it in hi-def. The graphics blew me away.
  6. Looks kinda cartoonish like the previous one, should be fun. But i don't expect physics and tuning capability like the great simulators of Forza and GT.