anyone seen this intake manifold?

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  1. got an 01 cobra a couple weeks ago, i cant find any info on this manifold anywhere only the fact that its not stock, can anyone hit me with some knowledge?
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  2. :eek: Its ugly as ****...ill tell you that :rlaugh:
  3. Reminds me of an earlier Lincoln intake manifold.
  4. Is that made out of cement?
  5. Looks like someone took the stock intake off and threw that on to sell stock intake for more money. That thing looks bad. I've never seen an intake look like that that goes on a mustang.
  6. Early Lincoln Mark VIII or Continental. Kinda strange they would swap that intake on an 01 Cobra, I would do some checking and make sure that the hole motor isn't from a Lincoln.
  7. If thats the case, why would someone through on an old ass intake manifold?? Wow. Honestly I hope the previous owner didn't switch anything else out. To the op I'd buy the stock cobra intake asap.

    Hopefully it's just the intake that was swapped. What if the cobra engine was swapped for a Lincoln engine... OP. Post some more photos so people can get a good look at the car and engine bay.

    Those valve covers look strange too! Post more pics... I'm curious now..
  8. After reading this post, I took a closer look at the pics.....that is NOT an 01 Cobra engine. The va;ve covers (among other things) are not from a Cobra motor.

    In my opinion, the previous owner blew the motor and went the cheapest route to replace underpowered Mercury sedan motor.

    To the original poster, you should have done your homework before buying bud. Good luck.
  9. +1
    That looks like a 97 mark VIII engine. I think the 96-97 marks came with coil over plugs and black valve covers just like that. Sorry looks like you have b heads on your hands. That engine is very under powered as well, 285hp.:notnice:
  10. The only Mercury that came with a 4v of any kind that I knew of was the 03-04 Maurader. Also it came with 302 hp and 318 ftlbs, so underpowered compared to the 01 Cobras 320 hp but not a weak engine. The intake is not off the Maurader its intake and engine looked like this.
  11. It was common in many Lincolns however which would be a possible swap. There were different years for it so the numbers could be as low as 260hp/265tor or 290/295 :shrug:

    I guess it depends on the history of the car if a swap was done.
  12. that is not an 01 cobra engine. Who would remove hot looking valve covers for plane Jane valve covers, here is an 01 cobra engine. I'd tell the seller to take the car back for being totally deceitful and a crook. I hope you have his information and that hes the one on the title when you bought it.

    Honestly after looking at your engine pics, how could there be rust on the coolant lines?? That engine looks like it was in katrina or some sort of flood.

    The tentioner is also in a different location!

    If the person was that cheap i can only imagine how the car was taken care of. How many miles on the odometer?

  13. 44,000 miles. im so pissed off i dont know what to do. when i bought it i knew the manifold looked funny but the guy had a bunch of aftermarket parts installed so i didnt think anything of it. is it worth it to buy a 03-04 cobra engine and drop it in? or just get rid of it. its a great looking car and dont think ill find another cobra like it so im lost =X
  14. only 44k and the engine was swapped. Holy Crap. What did the previous owner do to that car!

    Try to return it any way possible. Depending on where you live there could be laws about such acts. Like in California you cant put an engine in a car thats older than the year. So if that engine is say a 1998 it would be considered illegal and the owner would have no choice but to take the car back. Again depends on your local laws. I'd do some research.

    An 03 cobra engine its self will cost you about 5k-8k and 10k with transmission. Your way better off getting out of that car by giving it back or suing the guy. Honestly at this point if there is no law like the one we have in California you may be stuck with it. He also lied to you and said it was a cobra engine so then again maybe you can get a lawyer and fight it depending on your states/local laws. I'd seek legal advice if the owner refuses to take the car back. First call him and ask polity to take it back. If all else fails contact the police and see if what he did was illegal, then if not. Hire a lawyer.

    If bought at a dealer, drive back there today and argue a way for them to take it back without costing you a dime.
  15. First off Its a LINCOLN MARK 8 Motor.

    Nothing wrong with the Lincoln Mark motors....The block is aluminum 32v heads. Those lincolns were advertized at 300hp stock. Stock pistons and rods are blah. Each intake port on the head has a secondary port thats controlled by a unit on the back of the motor.

    Want alot of power from that motor....Swap the 4 cams and port the exhaust side.

    Only problem is to make those heads work right you need the lincoln computer and harness.

    But on the bright side....a 32v 5.4 would be practically a drop in at this point seeing how they use the same valve covers and share alot of parts.

    Heres a car that had that engine in it....I removed in and replaced it with a 5.4

  16. so what can i do to this piece of **** lincoln engine in my cobra to make it put out the same as a cobra engine? i payed 11,800 for the car so i dont think it would be worth it to swap it out with a 6,000 engine on the low end. maybe cobra heads cams intake? what about the internals of the 4.6 lincoln i would think they are different from the cobra :shrug:

  17. Like chris said. You can get power in that engine, but expect to pay some money. Those heads are not as good as cobra heads, but when ported might be. Same goes with cams, and pistons. I'm pretty sure the pistons are better in the cobra engine but im not completely sure. I'm basing it on chris assumption when he said they are blah. If you paid anything near or above bluebook you were ripped off. If you saved 2-3k below blue book then its not such a bad ideal depending on how you look a it. A cheaper swap would be to buy another 99-01 cobra engine or mach 1 engine and swap it in. Either way it'll cost you a 2-3k or more if labor is involved.

    What state do you live in? Why not contact the previous owner and try to return it instead of adding more money into it to just to bring it up to 320hp.
  18. Technically it is a "Cobra" engine. The intake looks like that because the intake runners are very long and twist down into the valley. Now i would be pissed if i was supposed to get a terminator (5.4). But theres nothing really wrong with the lincoln motor. If you really want to then toss some C heads on there from ebay and get a cobra intake.

    And plus you got the stronger Aluminum Teksid block!!!!

    If that guy put aftermarket headers and exhaust on it then the car should be making around that 320hp that you want. The lincolns only made 300hp because the lincoln exhaust was designed so you could hear rats pissing on cotton at idle.
  19. i live in mass but bought it in newhampsire as is so theres not much i can do. its valued at about 13,000-14,000 and i payed 11,800. has shorty headers, bassani catted X, and magaflow catback. i could buy cobra heads and intake but then im stuck with a crap crankshaft and pistons and rods? because its not likely they compare to the cobras but im just guessing. i had plans of supercharging it but now thats put on the backburner till i figure out this engine chrisis.