anyone seen this intake manifold?

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  1. Damn. Not good. If you buy a Cobra you want an SVT motor.:notnice: Its not like you got it cheap either....
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    even if the engine is comparable its still not an SVT. that hurts resell if you plan to resell it.

    Op take some more photos of the whole car, also post of the vin. You need to be sure this is actually a cobra and not a cobra clone.

    If you bought a GT I would be happy to have the 4 valve, but knowing that you thought you bought a cobra and not getting a cobra engine just sucks. Maybe contact that state for legal advice.

    What sucks more is that you have a 40k car, with no idea what transmission's in there as well as how many miles are actually on that engine. **** that engine could have over 100k depending on where it was taken from.

    Hopefully the car is at least a real cobra and not a 2001 gt or worse a 2001 v6 body. A simple vin check will tell you whats going on and a complete history of that car. It worth the $25 you'd pay carfax for

    That totally sucks. If i bought a new z06 and it had an old 98 vette engine I'd be pissed. Thats basically what happened to you. Even if the engine is semi comparable in power it may not be as strong. The only good thing is that its an aluminum block.
  3. im positive its a cobra i checked the vin. i think im gunna keep that engine in it for now even though it kills me knowing its not the right one, and buy one on ebay or somthing over the winter, rebuild it and drop it in. i think thats my best bet.. if only i had the money to buy one right now..... :(
  4. That car is super sharp Maarty, looks great! Sorry you got burned on the motor man, there is a toasty place for ppl who do that kinda thing. But its still a 4v and you have the best block you can get, good for 1000hp +.
  6. I would contact the person/dealer you got it from and have a nice chat with them. Ask them what was done with the motor because someone told you that wasn't a factory motor under the hood.

    They probably have a pristine Cobra engine sitting there waiting to go into another car.

    I'd honestly get the car up on a lift and see if they messed with anything else. If they are ****ty enough to jip you on the motor, whose to say they didn't yank any other good parts off and replace it with crap?
  7. So you paid almost $12K for an 10 year-old Cobra with an underpowered Lincoln engine in it? Ouch! I hate to see people get burned like this. I hope everything works out.

    That motor looks like its in ROUGH shape lol. Damn.
  8. not at all, you can run a 4v off a 2v computer with ease, ive done it!! it will start up and run fine you just need to tune it and move up the rev limiter to around 7k, its the same a a cobra engine just the ****ty intake and the crank and intake cams.. but it will still spin 7k with ease..
  9. damn, you got burned.

    i sold my car FULLY built with 36K a blower and Viper T56 with a **** ton of GOOD parts for $14K
  10. Am I the only one who caught this? :lol:

    OP: That's a pretty ****ty deal you got there. I would consider talking to the seller and then a lawsuit. Find yourself a decent lawyer and go to town on that pos.
  11. Nooo theres a difference. Those "B heads" have 2 intake ports per cyl. One port is always open and the secondaries are controlled by the computer. Reg cobra C heads do not have this. ant the factory harness would not have plugs that control the secondaries.

    Also someone suggested the cobra rotating assembly would be better. all the cobras came with the same garbage bottom end. Unless it was the supercharged ones. (those got forged pistons)

    Get something like this and youll be 3 steps ahead and still under the curve of what that cobra should have cost.

  12. the 96-98 cobra's have the EXACT same head its called the B head, the 99-01 got C heads and, the 03-04 mach and termi got the good C heads..

    the only difference in the cobra and mark bottom end, is the crank, 8 bolt instead of 6.. forged as well.
  13. i saw it too
  14. thats one clean car, but sorry for that motor. Although it has some pretty good bolt ons. I wouldnt be suprised if it'll still bite some other cars in the azz. But, If i were you, in this case, contact the seller and ask whats the deal. good luck. Once again. Nice cobra.
  15. Look, you got taken, could happen to any one, but it isn't all bad. You did get a 4V, so make the most of it. Here are some facts for you concerning the "B" style headed Mark VIII Intec engine.

    The Intec is built on an assembly line, the SVT is handbuilt and signature stamped. Both use the Teksid aluminum block.....and FWIW there have never been any conclusive tests done showing the TEKSID is actually better than the later WASP block. They both have advantages and disadvantages and both can be easily modified to handle in excess of 1500HP.

    The B-heads on the Intec are identical to the SVT. The cam profiles and intake manifold are not the same however. The 96-98 cobra is rated at 305 hp, but is noted for it's lack of torque compared to the GT at low rpm. The Lincoln on the other hand, has a cam and intake runner profile that favors low rpm torque, but it peaks at only 280 horsepower. This is due to the fact that the lincoln carries roughly 500 more pounds than the Cobra and uses an automatic transmission whereas the Cobra has always been available with only a manual.

    As far as the rotating assembly is concerned, the pistons are the same, as are the rods and wrist pins. What is different however is the crank - the SVT gets a forged crank, whereas the Intec has a cast crank like the GT. There are claims however that some of these engines received forged cranks, but I have only seen cast units with no center counterweights. This could be a boon or a blessing, unless you are wanting to go with a LOT of RPM, the cast crank should hold up just fine and is lighter than the forged unit. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that the cast crank can handle tons of power when boost or juice is applied. The forged unit really starts to show its value at sustained high RPM. All this is completely irrelevant should you decide to do a built shortblock.

    As far as the IMRC is concerned, figure out what you want to do with it. It came on the cobra too. There are delete kits, but you need to get a tune for proper operation if you elect to delete it.

    A couple of things I am not sure of:

    Whether the oil sending unit has the integrated oil cooler.
    If knock sensors (or bosses for them) are present.

    A couple of things I am sure of:

    The B-heads get a bad rap, but every REPUTABLE head porter will tell you that, fully ported, they will outflow the C-heads. So take that for what you will. In stock form, they do suffer on the exhaust side. The biggest issue is that there isn't a good intake manifold available for them, and very few positive displacement superchargers will match up, none of which are new designs like the Big Bore Kenne Bell, TVS, or Tork Tek kits. My advice would be to wait until you want to do some serious mods, and get a set of the GT500 heads/cams and a good intake manifold.

    Don't despair, your new engine has a lot of good things going for it even if the seller grossly misrepresented his sale. Just make the best of what you got and have fun with the car.
  17. the op stopped posting. Its obvious hes really mad. Hopefully he does something to some money back from the seller. If not i guess its time to just suck it up and take this as a lesson learned to do more research before passing the cash along. We all do it so don't be to upset. This happens even to the best of us on our bad days.
  18. im tryin to see what i can do to maybe get some cash back from the dealer to buy a cobra engine. i should be able to do somthing about this because they didnt inform me that it wasnt the right enigne. when i bought it i asked and made sure it was a real cobra and they sed it was, but since it doesnt have the right engine there has to be something they have to do for me, thats just wrong! im still happy with a car and would love to keep it, these cars are hard to come by. i appriciate everyones help and will keep you guys updated on what happens. thank you all!
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    But in all seriousness if he gives you trouble threaten to take him to small claims court.