anyone seen this intake manifold?

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  1. Look, you got burned because the guy was dishonest but you don't have a crappy engine. Most people underestimate the Lincoln Mark VIII motors. That motor is from a 97-98 Mark VIII. It has the C heads, not the B heads. It is rated at 295 hp vs the Cobras 320 hp. The heads are the exact same as the heads from the 99 up Cobra. The difference is that the Cobra has a more aggressive cam profile, tune, and a better flowing intake manifold. So you are only 25 hp off from a Cobra stock to stock which is nothing. And it took cams, a tune and an intake for the Cobra to get that extra 25 hp...

    Now before you go getting rid of stuff, look at it like this. What is one of the first things a Cobra owner does to modify their car? They tune it and throw on a CAI. If you tune your car and get a CAI that will even things out as far as the aggressive computer tune is concerned. What is another modification you can do? Stage 1 cams. A set of cams by themselves will give you about 20 hp more than a Cobra. Most Cobra owners don't touch the cams so if you do yours, a CAI, and a tune then you will definitely have a way more powerful engine than a Cobra. Another mod is pulleys. And you can even swap the Intake for a Mach 1 or a Marauder or an Aviator intake. Those intakes all perform just as well as the Cobra...some even outperform the Cobra in different rpm ranges. You can find them on Ebay for $300-$500. That engine in the hands of a person who knows the 4 Valves can be a beast.

    And peep this. You have a cast iron crank which is lighter than a steel crank. Think rotational mass here. If you had a 10 lb weight and a 2 lb weight on the end of a rope, which do you think you would be able to swing quicker and faster? You'll have better acceleration, top end, and gas mileage with the lighter cast iron crank. The Cobra has the same type of rods and pistons as the Mark VIII engine and we all know that the rods and pistons are the weak link in the modular engines. Hit a Cobra engine and a Mark VIII engine with 15 lbs of boost and I guarantee that both engines will throw a rod or crack a piston before that cast iron crank even breaks a sweat. I'll even say that your cast iron crank will handle more than what your fuel system can support.

    Your engine with cams, a tune, CAI, and UDPs will make the same hp as a Cobra with the exact same mods and it will by far outperform a stock cobra engine. Or just get some Cobra cams off Ebay (usually go for about $100-$200) and call it a day...
  2. First....if you would like i can take a Picture of the 4.6 Teksid sitting in my garage with "B" heads on it. It came out of a 1998 Mark viii.

    Second ...nope its not a bad motor....just slap a Kenne Bell on there and call it a day. LaserSVT did it.

    Matter of fact i went thread digging and got you something good!!!! :nice:

  3. Haha, you're absolutely right. They are B heads. And they are the same as the 96-98 Cobras, not the 99 up Cobras. Sorry for the misinformation. So a 96-98 Cobra intake would work but not the Aviator, Marauder, or Mach 1 intake that I mentioned before. Sorry again for the mis-info...
  4. Yeah man it happens.

    But i think he thinks he got a lawn mower engine or something. lol if boosted the hp limit would most likely be based on octane.

    its a 4.6...check.....

    32valves check...

    Can you strap a blower to it? check.....

    But on a side note.... If you're gonna swap the motor....pick up a 32v c headed 5.4 from a junk yard!!!! That should be under $1000 and then go to Sullivan racing and get a Spyder intake w/cobra elbow....If you cant envision this.....well the pics i posed are of me doing just that!!!
  5. good idea...
  6. i know the mark 8 engine is still a good motor but i have no idea how manny miles are on it. who knows the guy who swapped the engine could have gotten one with over 100,000 miles on it just to sell the car to someone else, me unfortinatly :(. and it would also be great to have an svt car with an svt engine in it... **** happends i learnd my lesson. atleast i got a running v8 4.6 4v car

  7. Guilt trip the guy into giving you back $3000. (threaten legal action) Your reasoning could be ...."If you wanted a 90's cobra you could have done that for $7000 mint condition. Then take your $3000 and either buy a supercharger or start a 5.4 swap.....(and one day supercharge that):nice:

  8. Did you get it from a dealer or some dude selling it privately. A dealer has to abide by certain legal and ethical standards. If a dealer sold you that car without informing you that it did not have the original engine (or an OEM replacement) then that is fraud and misrepresentation as far as I'm concerned. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, you should be entitled to getting your money back, including the taxes and fees associated with the transaction. If it was a private seller then he can obviously say the transaction was "as is" however that still does not absolve him of the responsibility of making an honest and legitimate business transaction. There are laws that protect consumers from dishonest business transactions such as this. I'd say take the car back, inform him that the engine is not a Cobra engine, and demand a full refund because he sold you the car under false pretenses. If he refuses to comply, then I would seek legal action...
  9. I bought it from a dealer. My engine light came on and found out it was a lean fuel code. I think its because the injectors are from the cobra engine? Looks like they just mounted them on doesn't look stock because its the only chrome thing on my engine
  10. I think you guys are missing the point here. He bought a 99 SVT cobra which demands more money due in a big part to it's "hand-crafted" engine. The re-sell value on that abomination is now garbage. The seller/dealer needs to make things right by either giving a refund for the depreciated value (a good starting price would be the cost of an actual SVT engine)…or, a complete refund of the entire vehicle (including taxes, title etc.). The last option would be for them to find you an actual "whole" 99svt and swap vehicles. Any way you cut it, DO NOT leave things be.
  11. Honestly Maarty, As much as it hurts to come on here and hear all this. At least now you know whats going on and now you can take legal action against them.

    Honestly I wouldn't take anything from that dealer other than my money back. If they were this shady the first time, why wouldn't they do it again.

    At this point, you have no idea whats up with that engine. You dont know if the computer in the car is even for a mach 8 engine. The lean condition could be because of the computer. If that's the case you would need a custom tune just to get that engine to run right. At 40k the engine shouldn't have been swapped there has to be a major reason it was pulled. It either crapped out because of a terrible driver. Which also means the trans is next, or the car was in a huge accident which caused the engine to get damaged and the person only could afford to repair the car and toss an old cheap engine in its place.

    Double check in the engine bay for a different shade of color, or check the fenders for a different shade of color. Another tip is to open the hood, look at the fender and find the bolts that hold the fender down. Take a look at the bolts and see if the color is different with the bolts and the fender or check to see if the bolts looks like they were removed at one point and time. The only way the paint would all match up is if the whole car got painted and engine bay at the same time. Otherwise you would see something.

    I'd double check that car out for anything else that could be bad. Just because the vin checked out doesn't mean its never been in an accident. There are body shops who buy wrecked cars with good vins fix them and sell them as if it never happens.

    If the dealer refuses to give your money back It's time to hire a lawyer. He should also be able to get all your lawyer fees as well if you win the case. Good luck and keep us updated. Just remember if you accept your loss your getting triple hit. 1) you overpaid, 2) your still missing the engine 3) when you try to resell that car it'll be really hard especially sine you have no idea how many miles are on it hurting resale value evermore. Also post the dealerships name that way future mustang owners can avoid them!
  12. Maarty I have to agree with what everybody is saying, it is time for some legal action, I mean thats one plus of buying through the dealer and them not telling you the engine had been swapped. It would be one thing if it was running fine and had no issues but its throwing codes and this may just be the start of the problems. I mean even if you sue and just get 2k or 3K that could buy alot of parts to get if back up to par.
  13. I'd be suprised if the dealer knew the engine had been swapped, but regardless they should take responsibility and take the car back and give you your money back. In my experience, dealership employees know very little about cars.

    BTW, every day that goes by without you bringing the car back to the dealer hurts no one else but you. Bring that car back ASAP and tell us what happens. If they don't take the car back, I'd suggest taking legal action. No sense paying for a lawyer yet. First find out if the dealer will take the car back.
  14. they deffinatly havent heard the end of me! Ill keep you guys updated on what happens. Im hoping they give me atleast a couple thousand to buy a new engine and pay to have it installed. That is the only fault i can find with the car so if that gets all settled i would love to keep it. It hasnt been in any accidents, no signs of abuse, and the carfax are clean. Pretty sweet lookin car untill you pop the hood :nonono:
  15. More than likly if they were ripped off they would have to take the whole car back. It would be a huge loss for them to accept a 2-3k payout. Instead the'd take the car back and contact the previous over about the issue. Then again i dont know what rights dealers have. They should know better. Either way i hope it works out. Honestly if you can get 3-4k out of them. You should use that money towards an 03-04 cobra engine!

    Maybe you can workout a deal with them and say if you give me this amount. You can buy the 03 engine brand new then you'll pay the rest. Or tell them you'll bring the engine to them to have it swapped in. That way they know they get a lil something out of it.
  16. I may have missed it somewhere in this thread, but did you check the transmission yet? I would not take any money from them until I found out what all has been changed for sure.
  17. I got in contact with the dealer! they agreed to pay half for a new engine. hey its better then nothing right? i thought they were gunna fight me on the fact that i bought it "as is" but i could have argued my way out of that because i wasnt informed it was the wrong engine. Maybe they knew it wasnt the right one? or maybe they had no idea, i dont know... atleast we came to an agreement in a friendly manner. the transmission seems to be fine, i looked under my car and it looks fairly new and in good condition so im hoping its the right one. once i rip that engine out ill know for sure and get them on that if its wrong too. ill let you guys know when i get further information
  18. Take that **** back! They need to pay for the WHOLE engine and all associated costs to replace it...or reimburse you for the purchase price. With all of the extra costs, you could have purchased a unmolested 99/01 cobra!
  19. +1!!!!!!

    That car has been molested. Its got parts removed for crappier parts. What to say your transmission isnt some crappy tranny that will go at 300hp!!! Like you said it looks new! doesnt mean it is. The outside of the transmission can always look new. The dealer before selling it to you got it up on a rack and pressure washed that ****! I know i worked at a dealer! it was to hide any oil leaks and what not!

    Take that **** back! only half for the engine is crap! They need to refund your full amount. As a mustang owner I would never buy a cobra and accept a non cobra engine. I would also never let a dealer rip me off like that. I would take that **** back asap!

    **** if your willing to pay more buy an 03 cobra!!! If you pay another 3-4k for the engine which you will you'll be looking at a total of 16-17k! You can buy an 03 cobra for that price!!

    You have to remember. Your missing everything from the original engine. Its not just a bottom end swap you need ever little dam piece on top of the computer and wiring harness. That will be at least 6-8k for an original cobra engine from a dealer. Dont for get labor!

    You are like that dealers new best friend. They rape you and you come back to be raped again.

    Sorry if i sound so mean, I'm just really upset that a dealer knowingly sold you that molested car on top of it being a mustang. The dealer knew about it, why do you think they didnt argue about paying half for the engine. **** they penny and dime you on the sale and not bother to do the same when asked to pay for an engine. Its because they know there still coming out ahead!

    buy this monster!!
  20. its new hampshire though they have no laws that protect the buyer from these things. I bought it as is and signed it so its my dumb fault. im gunna try to get as much money as i can but i dont want them to turn around on me and say you signed the paper work that says this car is sold as is and have it bit me in the ass. i could hire a lawyer but that would end up costing me more money then it would be to buy a brand new engine myself. I think they are willing to come to an agreement with me because they are a reputable dealership and dont want there reputation hurt. I researched all the information and basicly since i bought it in nh im stuck with it. so my outlook on it is atleast they are paying half, i know it still sucks. if its 8,000 for a new engine, i pay half which is 4,000. 4,000+11,800= 15,800 so basicly after everything is done i bought the car for 15,800 with a brand new engine, thats depending if it costs 8,000 or not. and what if i got a used one for cheaper? im gunna make sure i get everything needed to swap it back to the cobra, computer injectors, ect. ughh this really sucks i just wanna get it over with :( This should be a lesson to everyone on here that if they are planning on buying a car from NH make sure you inspected it with a magnafying glass!