anyone seen this intake manifold?

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  1. You don't need a new engine, and they don't make SVT engines for purchase unless you get lucky on ebay. Take the 8k you possibly put in on a new engine and get some C heads, computer, and factory Cobra if you want a factory Cobra look and spend the rest on performance parts. You have the best block a 4v can have its light and strong as a D 12 Cat. Build off of that.
  2. You can fight it without a lawyer if needed. I looked up something and found that new Hampton requires a buyers guide on cars. Do you have this, Did it say anything about an engine swap. That information is required. Did you sign a paper saying the car was in unsafe condition or wont pass emissions?

    Have you tried the most simple thing and ask the dealer if you can get your money back? What about asking him trade that car for another one on his lot since they miss led you about the engine? sometimes the simple things fix complicated problems. All i have to say is if you keep that car, your resell value will be 5k ish. No one wants a car that has only 40k on it and a different engine. Those cobra engines last well over 200k.

    I would check for frame damage or flood damage. Lots of cars were being resold because of flood damage. Think about it, a flood would be the only reason for an engine swap. Its really really hard to break a 40k cobra engine.

    I found this

    As Is - No Warranty

    When the dealer offers a vehicle "as is," the box next to the "As Is - No Warranty" disclosure on the Buyers Guide must be checked. If the box is checked but the dealer promises to repair the vehicle or cancel the sale if you're not satisfied, make sure the promise is written on the Buyers Guide. Otherwise, you may have a hard time getting the dealer to make good on his word. Some states, including Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and the District of Columbia, don't allow "as is" sales for many used vehicles.

    Three states—Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Washington—require different disclosures than those on the Buyers Guide. If the dealer fails to provide proper state disclosures, the sale is not "as is." To find out what disclosures are required for "as is" sales in your state, contact your state Attorney General.

    as well as more info here

    check to see if they screwed up somewhere. If they refuse to take it back contact a news station. They will put the dealer on the spot and something like this would hinder there business greatly. No one would ever trust them. Even if you cant get your money back you can cause them to loose lots of money from customers. Usually if you threaten that after nothing else works it seems to work.

    I hope you get something for this bad deal.
  3. Dont Regret it like me

    I bought my car (96 GT) from a used dealer and a few months after i had purchased it, smog test was needed for my car.....turns out i couldnt smog it, it had an O/R X on it and i was clueless. So i went back to the dealer and he said he would smog it for me...i thought to myself...yea he could do that but 2 years from now who knows if the dealer would still be around. i told him i wanted my stock mid pipe and he refused to give me one......i told him he could have his xpipe...didnt matter to me i just wanted my tags...long story short....take that car back asap....the faster the better...dont make make the same mistake i did!:eek:
  4. I know you're excited about having a new car and all, but don't let that get in the way of good judgement. Ask the dealer if you can return the car, get your money back, and try to find another vehicle. This car will be nothing but trouble for you AND will never hold it's value like a Cobra should simply because the engine is missing.

    You do what you want because it's your car, but everyone on this forum is suggesting that you take it back. You can either disregard our advice and take a risk, or listen to reason and take that car back to the dealer and get your money back.
  5. oo oo oo me me me, here it is. theres a guy thats buying "said 01 cobra" 40k miles into it he cant afford the payments. what do most crooked a** people not in there rite minds think...theyll get the car but they wont take it with the svt engine. he has a buddy that runs a salvage yard to chunk a mark8 engine over the fence for a case of beer. they commence the engine swap that weekend on "said 01 cobra". now the svt engine is setting in the guy who can no longer pay his payments garage. whats he gonna do with this almost brand new svt engine??? who knows but i have a couple good ideas of what i could do if i was that keniving. now a couple weeks later the car has been dogged all to hell and raped to shreds, then it gets repoed. then gets sold at bottom dollar at an auto auction. unfortunitly for the OP he gets the 40k mile cobra with the mark8 engine. the dealer knows what the car is and what the peramiters for an svt cobra. he as like most dealers prey on people that impulse buy, and dont fully research a vehicle. here in NC you bought it your stuck with it. im gonna bet the OP hasnt been in the stang scene for long, and if he has shame on him for not knowing what to look for. all GTs have the pony in the upper plenum and cobras have the unmistakible serphant. those are models from 96-04.
  6. Wow i was wondering how that engine got in there. After this i just realized your probably 100% right! I was thinking it could have blown, but not at 40k... **** i bet the transmission was taken for too! If he was that keniving to take the engine why not the tranny and clutch too. I mean think about it. They all can come out in one piece. He probably has an old as 100,000 + engine and tranny with a clutch that is totally unknown!!!

    Man his deal just keeps getting worse! I'd so take that back if not I'd say screw it and contact a lawyer for a free consultation and see if the dealer screwed up somewhere in the law.

    He would have been better off buying a 1999-2004 GT mustang for alot less.