Anyone seen this sick Cobra clone yet?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by MrXCESSIVESPEED, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. i hate stupid fu**in people
  2. wow the guy who did that should shoot himself
  3. just looking at it, it is amazing how ****ty of a job they did to put it back together. The interior is charcoal and they used black airbags. and the front under the hood is missing the plastic piece. It kinda looks like a rush job.

    but I guess thats to be expected cause its not a ferrary or a bendly.
  4. I am speachless
  5. what a frigging tool
  6. no, just no.:notnice:
  7. Gawd guys lay off already! I won the auction and wanted to share with you guys but now I feel self concious abot it . Would it look better if I swapped on these wheels? View attachment 329186
  8. HECK YES! Put them on asap!
  9. I think this may just very well be the biggest steaming terd I have ever seen.:notnice:
  10. How the F can you call it a Cobra clone when it does not have cobra wheels, cobra wing, cobra front bumper amoung other things. Cant throw on a pair of badges and call it a clone....I just want to shoot some people.
  11. Holy @#*t....are you freakin' kidding me....that guy has got to be the biggest idiot in the free world...that car has MEXICO written all over it....that guy should be shot, he is breathing good air ..... COBRA clone?????!!!! give me a break, I need a tylenol....
  12. omg......omfg.....thats poison to my eyes. what a way to disgrace a mustang. and those wheels....hmmm, creative i guess? but none the less UGLY!
  13. This is why I love pulling up in my car and people go is that really a COBRA and I proudly shake my head and say yes.

    When people do what that douche has done it make me wannahit them with really big rocks.
    That car in no way looks cool. Whoever spent the money on those wheels should rethink every choice in life after doing someting that stupid. The designer of the wheels should and probably is out of business.