anyone sometimes have this problem?

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  1. wen you go to start the car it wants to start n it ends up taking like 8 seconds to crank over and start and sometimes it starts just fine? i havent messed with any electronics at all?
  2. Yep, same here sometimes. I generally turn the key on twice and it doesn't do it, but I feel your pain lol.
  3. how old are your spark plugs and what brand......
    Have you changed the fuel filter .......
    At least you can eliminate these 2 posibilities before looking at other things.
  4. Kind sounds like a fuel problem! How does it drive? Give us more info:shrug:. What does the starter sound like. What is the voltage in your battery?:(
  5. Mine has started doing that on the first start of the day. It starts fine the rest of the day.
  6. If I rev up (2,000-3,000rpm) my car before I shut it off. When I go to start it up next time usually have to crank two to three times before it wants to start?:shrug:
  7. How 'bout the old is the battery? I noticed just before my original battery gave up on me, it would sometimes do that. Once a fresh battery was in, I'd just flip the key and it'd roar to life.
  8. Why do you rev it before shutting it off??
  9. How old is the fuel filter? Those are only like $10 to replace and I do mine yearly. What's the "state of charge" on your battery? Fully charged should be 12.6 vdc. 12 vdc is not enough and only 25% charged. If the starter is turning just fine with no clicking then I would focus on your fuel system.
  10. as far as ik everything is original... 66,000 miles, not sure of voltage but the thing is its as if it doesnt catch, so it doesnt start right away so it keeps turning over until it finally snowball n does catch and will finally start up...not sure, im going for fuel filter this weekend, it only does it like once ever 10-15 starts
  11. U know like when you pull up in a full parking lot of cars people standing there you rev it up:D sure you have done the same:rolleyes: then I parked got out hung out. but when I tried starting it up took few times to start:notnice: not that I have to do that everytime I go to turn my car off? I just noticed that It would do that only when reved up then shut off? Hope this help into the inquary "IIGood"
  12. 88mustang92, my '03 has done what you described. When it does occur, it will only do it on a warm engine when restarting it after a couple minutes. As for starting it first thing in the morning or after work, the thing jumps to life quickly with no hint of anything odd. Just likes to act up occasionally when already warm. :shrug: Also, mine doesnt take as long as you say yours does to start, but it is a noticable delay and does it with a weak sounding buzzing noice until it does crank over the engine. Hard to describe.
  13. My 02 does this too. Its from heat soak on the starter, Im almost positive. If you search this topic, you'll find a lot of people have the same problem.
  14. This is not a normal condition, it is a maintainance issue.
    A Mustang will start instantly unless there is a problem that needs to be fixed.
  15. Absolutely!

    And 5literPwr, yours sounds like a weak battery. If you don't know how to test your battery, take it to AutoZone and they will test if for you for free.
  16. My 98 with new filter plugs/wires/battery all that, was ALWAYS a two crank betty. I had to crank it once for a second turn the key off and do it again, Just how it was.
  17. Should fire within 2 seconds... if not... well... it's you not the car. If you want to have a tuned car then learn some things about it. I am... not done yet though.