Anyone sporting these decals?

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  1. I thought it would be pretty cool to have one of these on the rear driver/passenger side window:

    Too bad they don't come in white. The black wouldn't even show up on my tints, and I don't want a colored sticker. So, does anyone have these? I know, random question.
  2. i do! theyre on the quarter windows. over tint. when i get home ill snap a pic.
  3. I really wish they came in white. It won't even show on my windows. :(
  4. i gots them on the quarter glass, gotta represent!
  5. Not on purpose.
  6. I have them on my mach!
  7. hell yeah you gotta rep it

    if i ever saw one on another stang i would know right away they actually know somethin about their ride.

    (i didnt forget about the pic) just give me a few hours to get some sleep.
  8. Someone tell these guys to make one in white, and I'll gladly rep StangNet.
  9. On white as in??

    We used to have them printed white on clear plastic, then it would show on windows etc.

    You guys want these style back?
  10. We also want you to get rid of that Fake Jeep Cruiser
  11. :eek: PWNED!
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    That's exactly what I am looking for, but on the site you can only choose from black, blue, or red. Did they stop making them in white?

    And to Michael, yes! Make them again, I will be the first to buy a pair. :)

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