Anyone still here from back in the day?

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  1. Okay, somebody brought up the old 6.17 gear thread which sent me an e-mail, so I figured I'd look around a bit.

    Anyone from back in the day still post here? Like the old 32v/Beau days where we'd accuse everyone of being Pepsi or Skip?

    By the way, I traded in teh 'Stang for an S2k. :eek:
  2. :eek:

    you were one of the first people with deep dish wheels! :hail2:
  3. I'm here, but I've upgraded to a car that's 13 years newer and twice the motor!:D
  4. Still here. Same car. Hows the s2k?
  5. Yep, still here....same ole' same ole'
  6. I'm a newb. :)

    Actually I do remember you. My car was bone stock and had an automatic trans. back then.
  7. lol, yeah - your garage still says 4R70W
  8. ive been around a while.....still working on this car.
  9. Yeah, I remember the whole deep dish wheel thing. I had the anthracite ones as soon as I could get my hands on them. A year or two later I replaced them with black ones with a nicer machined lip.....those had a lip in the front almost equal to the rears, and still fit! Good stuff.

    The S2k is &$*(ing amazing. Just got it a week ago, but I think I'll always miss the torque-everywhere driving of the 'Stang with 4.10's. Of course the S2k's F22C1 engine does have its merits of jumping on the big cam at 6000rpms and screaming just past 8000. :nice:

    Outside of that, the chassis is just unbelievable. Handling-wise, this car does bone stock what my Mustang with all the suspension/chassis mods in my sig couldn't even dream of doing, plus the top goes down. :hail2:

    A really bad snap of the new toy:
    View attachment 400949

    And Teh 'Stang:
    View attachment 400951
  10. i'm still a lurker :)
  11. <-----Me 2 :D
  12. Still here, same car. :nice:

    Power is getting ready to change though. :D :D
  13. Still goin' here too. My power hasn't changed all that much, but enough to keep it entertaining.:SNSign:
  14. ^^ I'm keeping the memories alive
  15. The Stang looked better. Yellow? You bought yellow?


  16. :stupid:
  17. Still lurking. I never really talked with any of you guys specifically but remember seeing your sigs from back in the day. Now we need Jackie chan and that guy with the big afro. Also the guy that dad his location as hell, and something about the demonic mechanic. Ah the gold old days.
  18. I remember some mouthy dude name dk_shadow or something like that? anyone remember him? and some know it all European dude who thought his camaro was the chet! I'm not an old school member but i've been lurkin for a while.