Anyone still here from back in the day?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by GinoGT, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. i remember that european deuche
  2. I'm still here...but nobody knows me ;)
  3. I've been here for a while and still unknown :D
  4. And I even remember you before you became a mod and when you were NPI.
  5. still poking around, dumbed down the car a little though
  6. did ya have to trade in your gonads too?

  7. i remember you :p
  8. I decided to keep my car this spring (again), so i came back on here to figure out whats new for parts. Seems like everything is still expensive like I remember:) Ive noticed that everyone seems to have "calmed down" and there arent as many street racing stories as i remember.
  9. i am back. haven't been on in awhile since I bought the Audi. But now i got me a company car so the Audi is going bye bye to pay for mods to the Vert:D
  10. Yup....still here. Joined the same month you did.

    Still remember Big Nick and the rest of the "Posse"

    ....what a bunch of tools. :D
  11. ^ hehehe, I mostly remember avatars and i definitely remember yours
  12. Gino i have a GT that looks exactly like yours. what springs did you put on it? i'm looking into lowering mine and i need to know what type of springs to use


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  13. I'm still here, I just don't post much...
  14. My Stangnet presence went from 3 hours a day to 3 hours a year but I'm not dead. :D

    Just bought a 2003 Cobra, sent the blower to Stiegemeier for stage IV port, shooting for 500rwhp this summer. :nice:
  15. just buy a whipple. f that ported blower noise.
  16. But ported Eatons sound soooooo good. :nice: Not to mention a few hundred dollars for a port job is still better than $2,800 for a 2.3L Twin Screw.
  17. Ya im still here, had to change account name and upgraded the beast..
  18. i remember you way back a few years ago was it...
    mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmhhmmmm ****!

    i asked about your car a few months ago actually tryin to see if i could get some pics of it. nice photographs by the way!
  19. Still here but stopped posting cause they don't add to my total any more.
  20. after driving both you dont say me :D