Anyone still here from back in the day?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by GinoGT, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Been a member for a looong time. Rarely post because I find what I need seeing everyone else's trials and tribulations. I've been through 3 'stangs since joining (thus my name, bonestock87). When I'm down, this place picks me up. No where else can you get this kind of sarcasm.:D
  2. Still here
  3. Where's eddie haskell?
  4. Probably out being a PITA on someone elses board. :nonono:
  5. i think i got to ban him somewhere else :lol:
  6. dk is still around. He popped up in the Fight Club.

    Anyone remember defleshed and that other demonic meat cutter? I forgot his name. Also whatever became of Dar? I thought he lurked a bit too.
  7. He flew the coupe along with that John Leguizamo look alike Gene....."Mr Metrosexual" vipergts281 about a year and a half ago. :D I noticed Gene popped in last month for a visit, but I he pretty much occupies the bulk of his time elseware now. :shrug:
  8. Still not here.
  9. I'm still around but post mostly on
  10. Where am I?

    I haven't been around that long, but I mostly lurk in 4.6 nowadays since I sold the Stang for a Jeep. I see so many new names in the Talk I can't keep up anymore. I just waste my time posting useless threads in the Land.
  11. Been here awhile. Took down a little S2K before I got blown. Not impressed with the little car.

    Reminds me of a Miata...
  12. yeah i'm still here.
    I'm usually checking out here least once a day.
    I just have nothing to post... Car is just sitting in garage, with messed up rear 1/4.

    I've been hanging at beretta forum, MP-Pistol forum, and this past few months..
  13. I find it funny that "back in the day" means 2002-3.
  14. 4 years = 15 interweb years :D
  15. I'm still here but don't post much anymore. The S2000's are nice but I don't fit in them, went to check one out, sat in it and the sales guy kept trying to close the door but my shoulder was in the way. He still thought I looked good in it and should buy one. The newer style vipers pretty much looks like the S2000 from the head lights and up the hood.
  16. Did not post much, but have been lurkin around in the shadows for a while...
  17. Come on man, why don't you let me keep something to look forward to ? :D

    I think going from 230rwhp to 500rwhp (without even driving a stock 2003) might be a good starting point, Whipple might be next winter's project... :nice:
  18. oh BTW GenoGT, its funny that you got Yellow S2000.

    I stopped and looked at leftover Yellow 06 S2000 about month ago. They wanted 29000 and chage for it. I took it out for the test drive, and indeed its amazing little car.
    I love driving Mustang and all, but there is something about driving Gokart that spins up to 8000+rpm, that handles well. that can be driven on street. Reminds me of my old MR2, but much faster.
    I'm the biggest Anti-Honda person. But I am seriously thinking about that yellow S2000, as its still sitting at the Honda Dealer, and they want me to buy it badly..

    This is why i haven't done anything with Mustang this past few months, just in case i dicided to sell the car, or trade it...

    I also stopped and looked at Nissan 350Z vert. I donno boys.. i think that day i thought i'd never see, just might be comming this spring....
  19. Former Pepsi checking in... (the 18 page threads of old were semi-funny)
  20. put some power in your stang, keep it for fun and buy a nice DD. its the way to go, trust me