Anyone Still Running The Smog Stuff? Need A Pic

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  1. I have all my smog equipment back in the car and all buttoned up except one thing. The metal tube off the diverter valves from the smog pump that leads to the exhaust. It's there, but it is supposed to bolt to something at the top end of the pipe. It has a metal ear with a hole for a bolt but i see no place to bolt it to. Anybody got a pic of where this thing is supposed to bolt onto?
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  3. Got all that. Looking for the mounting point near the headers that it bolts onto. I don't see a spot to bolt the pipe to
  4. What does your tube look like? The stock tube on my 88 was supported by a tab under the car as seen in the picture above. As a note, the tube is so light that the silicon hosing will support it.
  5. Tube hooks up the same. Except where yours has the ear way down the pipe, mine is less than four inches from the start of the tube in the engine compartment
  6. figured it out. apparently there was an engine mount/hook on the rear of the header on the passenger side for placing/pulling the engine. previous owner must have removed this and this part has the bolt hole for the ear to mount the tube onto.

    props to Maryland Stang for figuring this out for me.
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  7. So how do you fix this? I have the same issue. Would a stainless hose clamp work to hold a matching scrap metal bracket, or what will it take? A pic would be good. I do not want that end of the hose hanging onto the tube and valve by itself.
  8. [​IMG]oem part, i am going to look at a 91 lincoln with a 5.0 in it tomorrow. should be the same part.
  9. alright parts have arrived. got the mount on to the front drivers side location. the rear cylinder mount point on the passenger side is another story. while the other mount point seems to have had the header "squeezed" by the factory to allow the mount "some" clearance to be wedged into place this mount just plain won't go. any suggestions? it is the correct part, e6se-17a084-ab
  10. and the answer is of course BFH. done deal.