anyone taking/taken calculus?

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  1. last day of calc 1 is on wednesday. then its on to calc 2. just seeing what everyone thinks of this stuff. pretty interesting.
  2. For me, it was interesting, but the interesting stuff got overwhelmed by the workload. I went through Math 346 (calc 5), and I had enough.
  3. Took them in highschool and then again in college. Calc 1 isn't bad, Calc 2 was rough.

    Very little of it is practical unless you are majoring in engineering or something.
  4. i hated it...pissed me off.

    ...i got throught Calculus 1 in high school....was gonna do 2 but said **** that and took another jazz theory class
  5. I disagree, but then again, i'm majoring in aeronautical engineering, so it is very very very useful. I do more calculus in my aero classes than i did in my calc classes.
  6. im going for mech. engineering so i guess i better get used to it lol.
  7. I'm about to start Calc I in college. I started college a little later so now all my test scores are out of date. I'm having to take one of those Accuplacr tests to be able to go straight into Calc I, and its been alot of studying. Its interesting, so luckily I'm not getting bored with it. I'm working towards the Aerospace Eng. program here at UTA in TX. It only requires Calc I, II & III. Been to all the engeenering open houses and stuff, & it looks like it'll be a blast!
  8. Man, i wish our aero program only required through calc III!!! But then again i guess thats why we have the number one aeronautical engineering program in the nation!
  9. Loved it....unfortunately, loved beer more...ave grade for 4 qtrs: B-
  10. I loved calculus. Essentially, it is just glorified addition. If you think about, that is all you are doing ... addition.

    Classes like calculus are so straightforward, compared to a course like advanced device physics where you are mathematically analyzing the workings of transistors at the atomic level. I remember being in that class, lecture after lecture, not understanding a thing. Amazing that I passed that one...
  11. I finished my calc2 classes today and I've got a final on Monday. Next semester I've got prob/stat and calc3. Interesting class? yes. Hard? I think so.
  12. Calc 1 isn't that bad but calc 2 is by far the hardest. Completely different concepts as regards to integration. Calc 3 is a little tuff only because it is something completely different from any other math that a person has done before.
  13. It's nothing like high school that's for sure. I'm in Calc 2 right now and like has been said above, it's tougher than Calc 1 that's for sure. Integration isn't too bad IMO but sequences and series suck. I had a test 2 weeks ago over seq/series and was expecting to do fairly decent on it, got the test and wanted to cry.
  14. Been through calc 1. Hated it, don't ever use it in computers...

    I use more algebra than calc.