anyone tried the bronze SVE 10th anni wheel knockoffs?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 3-0-II, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Man those things look killer , Ive always been a fan of bronze wheels. I had a set of bronzed 5 spoke wheels for my car at one time but never took any pictures with them on.
  2. yeah ive liked the 10th anniversary stule to begin with, but hot dayum do they look good in bronze. i didnt know they had bronze until yesterday :drool:

    i still have no money for them yet, but this is definitely goin in my master plan.

    i hope someone here has big pics to oggle at..
  3. Dude those look SICKKKKK!!! I really want to see pics of those on a black stang:D I have been waiting for those to come out in DD, but i got different wheels instead. Those are my next set for sure though
  4. I want some, but they are only available in deep dish front and rear. Thats a deal breaker for me, i'm not a fan of deep dish up front.
  5. +1 :notnice:
  6. i don't like deep dish up front either.get the ones that epik got.his aren't
  7. They are just 17x9 up front. Not any wider then a stock Cobra wheel. Its proably just a polished lip, not a true deep dish.
  8. i wheel doesnt have to be 10" wide to be designated a deep dish.its simply referring to the actal dish on the wheel,which a 17x9 can be and in this case are.

  9. The offset of the wheel is +24mm, same as a stock Ford wheel, so the front is not a deep dish wheel, just a polished lip. A real deep dish wheel has a more negative offset