Anyone Try Or Run 3.31 Rear? Thinking Bout Ditching The 3.73

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  1. I agree, ...with the 3.27`s in my 98 GT, you had to slip the clutch to get it to move. I swamped in a set of 3.90`s and the tach only went up 500 Rpms at 75 mph. My 05 has 4.10`s and as a musclecar, 2500 ROMs ain`t squat when you look at the infamous 69 Boss 302 with a 3 SPD auto or 4 SPD with factory 4.10s.......redline is at 6k or above, don't get ricer phobia.
  2. The 69's weren't that fast and as far as rpms heck they prob didnt know any better. Ricer phobia, sh!t man the 4 bangers spin more rpms than anybody. Oh and she's a slug now w the 3.73s not much if any faster than w the 2.73s. If it had a 6 spd like the GM's of the day it'd be more enjoyable maybe
  3. I agree, with the 3.27`s in my 98 GT, you had to slip thecluth
    My Corolla beater tachs 2500± on the highway and if you bump off the OD, it jumps to 3500......its an auto and will shift 20 times in 5 miles trying to find a sweet spot. It loves 90 mph though where the rpms are up......which just encourages drivers to speed.
  4. It really does come down to how you plan to use the car....

    I'm feeling you on the 3:27s though.

    When I first got my GT 5spd I had plans to throw in 3:73's, but kept putting it off. Now, I think I'm going to just leave in the stockers. I live on long flat ground anyway, and plan to use the car for long top-back rides. If I need to get-up-and-go, I'll just drop a gear or two and make it happen. I thinks that's where the OP is headed...
  5. Definitely.......Ford Engineering used 3.27s in the pre 2006 Crown Vic Police Interceptors....and I never outran one of those.
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  6. Feeling even worse is only part of it. The car isn't necessarily much slower with 3.27's, but it sure as hell feels like it.
    And wait until you feel what it's like to try and get the car sideways or do a little tire burning.
    Your gear swap is going to punish the clutch.
  7. Not much sideways driving these days my man, I'm 31 not 16. The 3.27 or 3.331's gotta be better than the 2.73's that my dad had in the car for 14 years or so
  8. Lower gearing just means you'll have to add HP. Easily solved problem

  9. Are we showing our age:zzz:

    I'll be 100 years old and still will want to get it sideways now and then:rlaugh: However, I do remember a few occasions of the blue-lights in my rearview mirror that have brought on a bit of gray hair aging.... $$$$$
  10. age has nothing to do with it man! haha im 30 and i wanna put that :poo: on the bumper!
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  11. ^^I agree! I'm 42 and can't wait to finally get enough power to pull the wheels!!

  12. Children....I'm 58 and have been drag racing since the 70's....let me assure you...20somethings did not invent musclcars, electric guitars, skateboards, or baseball caps. ;)
  13. I do a little fooling around pretty much every time i take the car out. As i have gotten older i just pick safer places to do it. As opposed to my younger days, where i always thought it was ok.

    Might as well be a camry if you are going to drive it like an old lady.
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  14. nah we just figured out how to do it better! LOL ;)
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  15. Well boys don't me wrong I'd like to drive the :poo: of er now and again but.,,. I have a 2 yr old and don't have the disposable income I once had. Oh and I'm currently rockin a couple ankle monitors.... So my lil azz better settle down..
  16. Trust me, those Crown Vics are tough, but they are slow as crap. 1st hand experience ;) .

  17. Touche' lmao
  18. That's not why I never outran one.....they have shotguns and a large membership. :(
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