Anyone try the Ford GT40 kit on their 94-95 GT?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by JimTMich, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Kit looks nice, includes everything you need, respectable hp and tq numbers.
    Anyone try this kit?
  2. does the kit come with alum. or cast heads?
    I have gt-40p cast heads, the tubular gt-40 intake, fuel regulator, 1.6 RR, 65mm throttle body, 3:55 gears, underdrive pulleys, full mac exhaust, stock cam, and an aode with a shift kit. And I ran 14.2 at 99 mph and a 60 foot of 2.0
  3. It looks like you need a stall converter very badly. A new cam would also help you out. Have you ever dynoed your car?
  4. I'm thinking of a 3000 stall and a stage 1 trick flow cam.
  5. the trickflow cam is a good and cheap choice. you may have some computer issues because of the 112 lsa though.
  6. Good choice on the stall. People on here recommend custom cams though. But you may not have enough head flow to warrant a custom cam.

    You should be in the 13's. Get that stall ASAP!!!! But with no stall or cam, you are running pretty good.
  7. Aluminum, but other than that looks like you have the kit. Don't remember if the kit comes with a bigger MAF.

    Does the GT-40 intake require a different cross brace?
  8. yes. the stock brace will no longer clear the upper. honestly, i took mine off and felt no difference at all.
  9. I didn't feel any difference when I took my brace off
  10. Tis a nice kit....are you going by the numbers in the FRPP catalog??? They list the P/Ns needed separately...didn't know there was a kit number???
    The parts in that kit add up to a tad over 3k.....
  11. $3000?? ouch.....might want to take a look at the holley systemax 2 for nearly $1000 less.
  12. you could probably get those same kit parts cheaper for sure...its using the stock cam and MAF....suppose thats the beauty of it from Fords viewpoint....
    They get like, 695.00 for the GT40 U/L so theres some room to improve right there..chit, get a used one all day long for 300-350....They recommemed SS shorties, dump them for sure....

    Just food for thought, thats all....Summit had a TF kit here lately for right around 2k....
  13. I think the kit goes for about $2700 if you shop around. The kit even comes with strut tower brace, y303 heads, gt40 intake, 65mm tb, inlet adapter, stainless shorty headers, 1.7 roller rockers, manifold cover, 3.55 gears bolt kit,. It's not a hi reving kit like I understand the systemax kit is, but I haven't looked into it much. I talked to holley and they said that the kit won't fit under the stock hood of a 94-95.

    So, what do you guys think, comes with instructions and you have one person to talk to when things don't go right, no pointing fingers at the other manufacturer.
  14. Even at $2700 I would consider other options. I paid $2900 for AFR 165's, custom cam, Edelbrock intake, gaskets, etc. Granted, that does not include the TB, gears, or headers, but I'd happily skimp on those in the short term in order to get the best head/cam/intake combo to start with.

    Ford is also not the only maker of matched sets. Go with Holley or Trick Flow, and you still have the advantage of one person to talk to if things don't go right. Or, even with an AFR/FTI/Edelbrock combo (as an example), buy it from FTI and still have a single point of contact. And FTI's tech support is quite good.

    Just my $0.02.

  15. Dont get me wrong, im not saying its a bad kit.....greatest thing about it is you know it'll all fit....
    Id swap the SS shorties for LTs, get a better MAF, a AFPR, and upgrade the fuel pump...these are just good supporting parts for heads....i would do a cam for sure, but thats me...a cam makes ALOT of difference...
    swap the 355s for 373s...

    you only wanna get into it once...once you add that stuff its all over...your hooked... :D
  16. Ya, it's not a kit, just a parts list.

    I see what you are all saying about holley or trick flow.

    Who if FTI?

    As for being hooked, you should see my jet ski............. I went through 3 superstock motors this summer so I am a bit gun shy about modifying my daily driver stang, but I would sure enjoy some more power, and man was that ski unbelieveable when it was running. I drive about 75 miles a day, all back roads :D

    When do they start showing my signature and when do I get to post pics?

  17. a buddy of mine has the fox throttle body setup and systemax 2 intake under his stock hood. he did have to remove the blanket though. you might also want to take a look at trickflow. i understand they are offering a kit now too.
  18. just saw in hairy canary's post that he already mentioned trickflow. ;)
  19. i think roush used to have a combo kit. im not sure if they still do but it would be somthing unique and different.