Anyone under $2/gal yet???

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  1. The two gas stations down the street from me (fina and texaco) are both at $2.29 for reg. I saw 1 gas station in town selling reg for $2.17 probaly watered down but cheapest ive seen so far....I read somwhere its supposed to be under $2 by thanksgiving..
  2. Here in mid west Georgia....$1.99
  3. $1.95 here.
  4. 1.99 here on fort campbell.
  5. wow prices shot down! where im at 3.00!!!
  6. 2.05 here in Tulsa Oklahoma
  7. I just pumped 91 octane here in southern cali for the low low price of 2.65
  8. $2.10 in the Twin Cities
  9. 2.20 near me, but on the way down o Jersey its 1.95
  10. 1.98 here in oklahoma city
  11. Corpus Christi reg. was $1.99 when I was down there. Cheapest I see in Austin was $2.19.
  12. filled up Sunday for $1.98, today the same station went back the
    other way ...... $2.02.
  13. Been idling around 2.06 in the cleveland area
  14. so how much total is it to fill it up?
  15. 2.49 for reg in NV.:notnice:
  16. i never go below a 1/4 so its usually 21ish at the pump but I use 89
  17. whats the deal with this anyway? its awsome but how is it being explained? last i heard was the alaskin pipeline broke and prices were supposed to go up, then they fell super low.

    why so high before and dropped ove 1 dollar in the past 3 months?
  18. Crap i think gas has started to inch back up around here again. I currently get 93 oct. for about $2.59 a gallon.
  19. I just paid $2.97 for 87...
  20. Dagger!! :bang: