Anyone under $2/gal yet???

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  1. Its $2.63 in this part of NY for 87...damn NY state taxes. and mustangkid i dont believe you paid over 3 dollars because its even under that in Hawaii I think everything you have posted on this site is :bs:
  2. I just paid $2.97 for 87...
  3. depending on where you go, it can be slightly over 3 for 87.
  4. I wonder where he lives...well he can afford it now that he just won 25k:notnice:
  5. Who the hell uses 87? Do you all have stock timing? :notnice:
  6. the 87 down the street is at 1.98 but i have to use premium so for me its 2.18
  7. 1.97 briefly here but it's at 2.05 now for Reg.
  8. Most of the stations near me are all 1.99. I did take a trip about 15-20mins south about a week ago and filled the tank up on 1.74/gallon :nice:
  9. Yup. Tim could never get my tune right so I said **** it.

    BTW, Brandon blk01gt whatevers, stang is LOUD. That Novi RR sounds so damn good :drool:
  10. 2.27 here for 93. don't know what regular is since I don't use it.
  11. $2.17 in my town
    $2.13 in next town
    $2.06 in next town after that
    $2.05 where I work
    $1.98 where my friend lives.
  12. paid 1.89 for regular yesterday....
    OPEC announced today it was cutting oil production 1 million barrels a day :( to combat the lower demand and keep prices about where they are or slightly higher.
  13. The further you go west the most expensive the gas seems to be. Especially Hawaii... (California #2 and Nevada #3)

    $2.37 Colorado. Regular
  14. Sorry... double post.
  15. lord let them stay right where they are. being about a dollar lower a gallon then what it was is great for me. i remember the days when it was like 1.20-1.30 for premium. oh those wonderful days.
  16. i was j/k i was thinking about in july for some reason must of been the coors lol........but yea around me is 229 for 87
  17. $2.15 at the station i usually go to, been there for about 2 weeks.
  18. Its teetering on it right around here. 2.01
  19. hey DropTopPony, is your car done???
  20. just filled up at the girl's house in port huron for 1.94 for mid grade...regular 87 and mid grade were both 1.94 and at some gas stations the regular..mid grade..and premium are all only one cent more expensive then the other..:nice: