Anyone under $2/gal yet???

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  1. i got gas this morning for a buck 99
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    prolly like 14 with no mustang
  3. 2.15 here on Long Island, NY. Thats the lowest I found so far. Premium jumps to about 2.49 though!!

    I use 87, thats what ford told me to use.
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  5. asshats. But if they keep the gas at 2.10ish, I'll take that any day over then going back up to $3.00+ even though it would be lovely if it dropped to 1.50ish
  6. Slowly we're gettin closer.
    A town 30 miles over is at 2.06. Felt good to fill up at $2.28
  7. Paid $1.99 today for 87!

    Keep dropping!
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  9. I pay $2.41 for Premium here in northern NJ
  10. Cheapest i've seen is...

    87 ----> $2.45 ...regular
    89 ----> $2.55
    91 ----> $2.65 ...premium
  11. Gas dropped to 2.05, jumped back to 2.19 yesterday, then its 2.09 today. what the hell are they doing
  12. the fina and texaco just dropped to 2.17 yesterday for 86, 2.25 for 88 and 2.35 for 91. A couple of years ago before the texaco was texaco it was called golden west and the had reg for $0.87. now those were the golden days...
  13. Still at $1.95.
  14. Opec said they are cutting 1 mil. barrles a day by the end of the month to keep the prices from dropping...:mad:

    SO I guess they will hover around the same, or shoot back up again.
  15. $2.08 for regular now. schwweet
  16. Regular unleaded is $2.15 a gallon up here.