Anyone up for a VT Stage 2 N/A Cam vid?

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  1. Well guys and girls.. I finally decided to post some exhaust vids.. it took a while to figure out how to "capture the lope" on camera.. but I think I did a decent job! :D

    And now.. I present to you.. SLP Long Tubes, SLP Off-Road X-pipe, Flowmasters and VT Stage 2 N/A Cams... Enjoy!:)

    View attachment 449997

    Sorry about this last video being so dark.. it got dark REALLY quick tonight and I couldn't hardly get any light on the car.. But you can still hear the car :D

    View attachment 449999

    Let me know what :SNSign: thinks!
  2. sounds sick man :nice:

    should have gave it a little rev but sounds mad nice at idle.
  3. I was going to, but it's late and my neighbors get mad :(
  4. :drool: man that sounds GOOD! I really wish my cams sounded like can really hear those! Very nice sound :hail2: .
  5. awesome!

    is it tuned?
  6. hows the ass-o-meter reading? :D
  7. huge! lol

    It was a massive difference man! :D
  8. id like to see some numbers!
  9. dyno numbers dont matter :D hahah jk... i dynoed 288/303 on a 101* weather day.. humid as hell.. bad day for a dyno :(
  10. 288 is no slouch, better update ur garage :p
  11. haha yeah, I need to.. i just always forget about that stuff
  12. sounds pretty cute i guess:shrug:
  13. :( lol

  14. Sure you do :rolleyes: . Your waiting on that 300/310 #...and your going to hold off until its dead winter so you can get the best #s :lol: .
  15. Haha.. you can read me like a book :D
  16. Whats it idling at rpm wise?
  17. ^ Because I would do the same thing :rlaugh: .

    EDIT: Doesnt sound right to ya Jim?
  18. 800 most of the time.. but usually between 700-900.

    Something not sound right? :(
  19. Nope...just wondering. Everything is fine. 800 is about right on the money. :nice: