Anyone up for a VT Stage 2 N/A Cam vid?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by jasonh_86, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Sweet! :D

    Glad to hear that!
  2. Yea they just throw in some random specs and sell the cams, they have no idea what they sound like when installed. :nice:

    LOL J/K :D
  3. Sounds good jason.. and if it's anything like how my videos turned out, then it sounds 20x better in person.
  4. Yes ma'am! You hit the nail on the head! :D

    I wondered when you were going to compliment my vids :mad:

  5. Sounds great mang, just catapulted into my top favorite Stangs on SN now. :drool: :drool:
  6. :D:D:D:D
  7. Very nice indeed. Sure seems like nowadays people are trying to go hardcore on the N/A route instead of getting blown. Thats been my plan for a while now, but it used to be blower this blower that, now everyone gets excited over something with 100hp less to the wheels just cause it has cams. Im not complaining, as I do prefer a good N/A car myself...they just sound soooo good.
  8. Sounds awesome! I wish I could hear that in person especially with a couple of revs. ;)

  9. :shrug: I think mine sound better on video...jeeze stg 2s must really be wicked!
  10. my stockers sound just down right nasty
  11. Loapy NPI cams FTW!!!!!!!!

    Hey man what did your car run anyways? 12.XX? @ XXX?
  12. troof! NPI Cams > all! :hail2:
  13. Dammmmm i get to get a vid of mine.
    Sounds sweet!!!!:nice:
    And yes,the stage II's sound amazing in person :hail2: .
  14. Yes they do! Especially with open headers :hail2:

    You guys might get treated to an open-header video if I get too tired to put my x-pipe back on tonight.. how does THAT sound? :)
  15. well? produce!
  16. Idunno, upload the vid already! :p
  17. lol.. i'll upload it in a little bit.. I have 2 open-header vids that i'll post.. Keep your eyes out for another thread soon :nice: :D
  18. Sounds nasty :) How did you tune the car- with a mail order tune or a dyno tune? Did you degree the cams when you installed them?
  19. Dyno tune at Dynospeed Racing in Memphis.. I would've loved to have taken it to MPH, but it wasn't in my budget :(

    They weren't degreed tho.. Haven't had any problems tho