Fox Anyone Use A Csr Water Neck?

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  1. I'm changing my thermostat and figured it'd be a good time to change to a fancy kind of thermostat housing but I want to make sure its any good before I spend the money. I tried doing a search, couldn't seem to find anything specifically about the CSR. Not interested in a cheapo chrome water neck.

    Only posting link to show what I'm talking about:
  2. That's crazy money for a waterneck. Never had a problem with the $15 cast iron one from Autozone. Those are guaranteed to work.

  3. Depends on how much dress-up under the hood you eventually want to have. I've always like the ones with the AN fitting for the over flow. Like Kurt though, I have a hard time justifying a hundred bucks to have one.
  4. I would skip it too. Plenty of other things to spend that kind of money on
  5. $100!?!?

  6. There's a couple engine bays around here that look like glass!

    Trying to remember who has the red vert with white interior. :chin
  7. Only ever used them on race cars or show cars. Can find similar ones cheaper though. They look kick ass though.
  8. If you are running a braided steel line to the radiator it's a worthwhile investment. It's still cheaper than buying an aluminum one, cutting it down and having an AN fitting welded to it.

  9. We better alert @RacEoHolic330 right away. This will make it 40.1k. :chin
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  10. I forget the brand of my aluminum neck. I went the route of buying a neck and having a - 16AN bung welded on. I know I didn't have $100 into that thing though.
  11. You got lucky. I figure $25 for an aluminum neck, who knows, like $35 for a -16 an fitting, and $50 to Weld it.

  12. What's the benefit other than pretty?
  13. I agree that its expensive, but in this day and age where the US Dollar is worthless, even a small machined aluminum part is going to be expensive as hell. I'm interested if anyone actually has one of these installed, and if they have/had any problems with it. Yes its one of those little pieces just to look pretty. I figured while I'm swapping the thermostat I can take advantage and upgrade another little piece under the hood, isn't that how most of us do it?
  14. That would be @Ozz
  15. I use a CSR water filler neck, a little different that you would be using but for what it's worth, it is top quality as far as construction goes and has worked perfectly in my application.

  16. we use something like what nick has but its a moroso
  17. I think it's a great piece, but hard to justify $100 for it. I polished up my stock one instead. @madspeed ... got the new shiny alternator and other shiny installed with the new top end. Just need to put on the chrome MM strut tower brace.

  18. I got mine welded at the same time as my valve cover fitting. I think he did it for $20, so that helped.

  19. I seriously doubt that you will have any trouble at all with it. If you like it, get it. I'd bet a paycheck that it's a quality piece. I mean... It's CSR. :)