Anyone Use Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter And 2post Bracket

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  1. Steeda Tri-Ax FTW:

    I have heard the stock shifter isn't bad provided the bushing is replaced. At a minimum replace the bushing. If you still aren't happy, then replace the shifter too.

    Steeda bushing:

    The Steeda bushing is an $80 part. It may work for you and save you a lot of money.

    But if you don't like the shifting still, then getting the Tri-ax will still save you money even with the bushing cost factored in.

    Total Steeda cost with bushing and Tri-ax: $330.

    Ford Racing cost: $470.
  2. Thanks.... ill look into those
  3. I installed the Steeda shifter bushing (black), and I am happy with the results!

    If you just want a more solid shifter feel then go this route, as the stock shifter bushing is just hard foam.

    I personally was just looking for a more solid-feeling shifter, as I personally don't like short throws, and this fit the need.
  4. Thanks..I think ill try the bushing route first, sounds like that might be what I'm looking for...thanks to both of you
  5. I bought the MGW MT-82 Shifter and haven't looked back (except at the competition behind me). The nice thing about this shifter is that it's a full replacement for the shifted upper, lower, and the bracket.
  6. Oh wow....that one looks like a sweet unit there... I never even thought of looking into them, I had an orange handle, I think what it was called, for my old 95.but sold it before ever instaling
  7. Does the MGW still use the factory reverse lock-out?.... and you wouldn't happen to have a pic of your car with it instaled do you?
  8. Yes it uses the same reverse lock-out. You have to push down and up to the left. It's a little stiffer though so it's harder to accidently do it. I don't have a picture of it handy, but no one would even notice the difference in looks other than you have a different shift knob and the shaft is skinnier.
  9. Awesome thanks man.... I think I made my mind up now on this one
  10. Here is another option if you do not want to change the whole shifter.

    It's cheap enough to try and see if you like it. If it does not do what you want, you are not out much money. Also, if you are looking at the FRPP shifter, just get the Barton 2 post. The FRPP is just a rebrand of this shifter. There is no difference other than the color and logo.
  11. get the Barton, the Ford shifter and bracket are Barton pieces with their logo on it and priced much much higher. I have a Barton shifter and 2 post bracket and it is a great setup, precise shifts are the norm now
  12. I see Barton has two different brackets - the regular and 2 post. What are the differences and advantages?