SN95 Anyone Use The Tmi Seat Covers And Foam?

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  1. It's about time to start on interior and I'm weight out my options. What's the better deal $800 for used 03 cobra seats with say 35-50k mi or doing the diy tmi covers and foam for around $1000? That $1000 is for vinyl mind you. Besides looks, how do the re-foamed seats feel, like new, better than new? I guess I'm really just wondering if the seat cover route is worth the effort and money and coming out with the same old seats. I had tmi send a leather, vinyl, and cloth swatches. The leather was alright, the vinyl- fair enough, and the cloth was thin burlap.
    Take a look at these would yall? Would yall call these in good shape? They're pseudo local but not local enough to go take a look w/ out money in your pocket. What would yall offer? Also, do I need any kind of adapter or anything to get them to work in my 95? I know that I have to reuse my seatbelt stuff.

  2. I'd be owning the cobra seats but I just like them better.
    In fact if I lived closer I'd be buying those
  3. Are you looking for a restoration or the best seat. IMO the Cobra is a much better seat. They are much more comfortable and supportive. $800 is a lot of money to spend. I put a set of 2002 black leather seats in my 90. Spent $350 for them and sold my old cracked leather seats for $250.
  4. The seats should be a direct bolt on, I have sn95 seats in my fox, as for the TMI I have heard they are really good products, I'm pretty sure the frames are the same, so realistically it's the padding and covers that make the difference
  5. "Restomod." Have you ever spent any time in an sn seat? They're lil better than the fox but nothing too spectacular. I'm wondering how the '00's compare to the sn's? Are they that much better like with better side bolsters etc? Yeah $800 is kinda high but they're a novelty.
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  6. I have 2002 seats in my fox. They are 10x more comfortable and bolt right in. All that is needed is to convert the power plug for the 6 way with one jumper wire.