Anyone use there Camed 4.6 for a dd

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  1. I have been thinking about going with cams are fi..But cams seem to be somewhat cheaper and love the sound of a camed motor..I am going with stage1's..So who all drivers there car everyday and how well dose it do being camed?
  2. vt stage 2 cams here on my daily driver. Have had them in for a year and a half as a daily driver. No problems besides stalling once in a blue moon but thats cause i am untuned. Tuned you will have no problems
  3. mild cams won't hurt your drivability at all. They might hurt your gas milage but that will mostly be because you are getting on it much more often.
  4. Yeah i talked to the guy at VT today he seemed really cool..
  5. drive mine quite often ... when I have it lol. you'll get tons of thumbs up in traffic:nice:
  6. LOL i bet it gets people thinking wtf is in there cuz some people prob never think of a 4.6 caming lol..

  7. yeah when I brought the car out Head and cammed I got alot of WTF??.. no blower??? lol... so I had to correct that problem:lol:
  8. Yeah must be sweet haveing the best of both worlds..
  9. not the best yet.. but yeah it is sweet... just got it today and it scared the bejesus out of me the first time I opened it up.

    back on topic though. you'll drop a couple MPG's.. but it is worth it. kinda like dont fear the gear.. dont fear the cam either :D
  10. Form what i seen and what hot said if you drive it normal mpg shouldnt really change..Like with my gears i got 23mpg on a road trip so..
  11. yeah honestly that could be true.. I am just referring to worst case
  12. I honestly get better milage now than I did when I was stock....I get the same milage as my dads 00 V6 with 3.73s :eek:
  13. My mileage dropped some after my Comp 262's because I was running rich but after the tune it is nearly where I was stock. I'm at 312 miles on a tank as it sits under the carport all highway miles.

    No driveabilty issues at all. I drive 140 mile RT to work.

  14. yeah becasue you use to have the probe I had forgotten you DD the car now.
  15. Yea...the Probe is forelorn looking in the front drive. Too hot to fool with the thing right now and no place to work on it.

    BTW...I gave you a 300 foot rev on my way home tonight. It was dark and I couldn't really see where your house was.:D
  16. Nice to hear guys hope maybe some autoguys might chime in on this as well..

  17. LOL I think I heard you.
  18. How about some sound clips/videos :D
  19. I need a of the guys in my club has one. I'll have to remember to get some vid.
  20. VT Stage 2's in my DD with every other bolt on imaginable. Gas mileage isn't too bad on the interstate, but if i get on it you can tell its just guzzling down some gas. Other than that everything is perfect. I have to turn it on and wait a few minutes for it to warm up when i start it.. no big deal, if i dont want it just doesnt wanna go lol