Anyone useing FFRP LCA's

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  1. I have the FFRP book home form work and seen them thought i would ask b4 i start to order the mm Lca's.. Just to see if there is any diffence..
  2. First of all the FRPP catalog rocks :hail2:

    I read them cover to cover...

    Anyway, the FRPP LCAs look cheap to me, I suggest Maximum Motorsports. What are you building the car to do? Straight or twisties? You need to tune the suspension to the car's mission in life of course...



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  3. Hit the drag strip here and there..But if there good and work just is good as the mm..And if i can get them cheaper i might just get the ffrp cuz i am about to order some parts for the car..4.10 gears,new intake with the new crossover,new bbk plumen and tb, and uca's too since my car has 113,000 miles..Want to see 13's lol..
  4. I just got my MM LCA's in the mail, OMFG, they are beefy! They seem much stronger and higher quality than my old Steeda Alum. LCA's. I would strongly suggest MM, you can't go wrong.
  5. Yeah..They look great in the pics i think i might just go mm...
  6. Looks like i might have to try them out if there alot cheaper..
  7. The old FRPP ones were made by Global West and were quite good. Those, I don't know about them :(