Anyone using a fiberglass trunklid?

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  1. I want to shave 200lbs from my notch by the end of next season, which will put me under 3000lbs race weight.

    i have a fiberglass hood going on next year, i'll be pulling the rear seat out and all of the sounddampening in the car, i have corbeau seats, the trunk will get gutted, the front sway bar will come off and the rear speakers are coming out.

    all I can think of now is replacing the trunklid with a glass one. anyone here own a bolt on one? i'd rather not have a line of dzus connectors along the outside of the lid, so i have to stick with bolt on.
  2. If all your looking to do si save weight, a trunklid and rear seat in a coupe and gutting the trunk are not going to do anything for you. The trunklid is weight in a good spot, and it doesn't weigh that much to begin with, the rear seat probably weighs 10 pounds, MAYBE, and the liner in the trunk weighs nothing. I'd look elsewhere.
  3. Aluminum drive shaft, cheap plastic racing seat, no dash, no console, lexan windows all around, gut the interior of pretty much everything except the seat and steering wheel, lose your tail pipes if you have them, that should put you at 2800 or so easy. The glass alone is a pretty good loss of weight.
  4. Hey I have a question relating to the lexan glass. My driver and passenger glass is kinda scratched, so if I was to get new glass, would it be better to get lexan glass? How is its strength compared to regular glass, whats the price difference, and can you tint lexan glass?
  5. Lexan is seriously strong from what i understand, making it illegal since it doesnt shatter and if you're in a wreck you're pretty screwed if you cant open the door to get out. Honestly i've never bought it so i have no idea about price. I'm sure you can tint it, just like you can tint plexiglass, though lexan actually comes in different colors so in theory you could have windows made that are already tinted. Personally i'm looking into getting my quarter glass done in lexan since there's no chance of getting out that window in a wreck anyways and i think since it's smaller it wont be noticed by the fuzz. I'm sure i wont lose much weight with just those little windows though.
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    How is your car a sleeper if it has a 4" cowl? lol
  7. well the cowl is temporary till i drive to my father-in-law's to put the stock hood back on. When i got the car it had the cowl on it (piece of terd) but i got the stock matching hood along with the trade, so in essence it's not a sleeper "right now" but i'm workin on it :nice:

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  8. I had fiberglass trunk lid and I also wouldnt do it. I had to use fastners and the lid started to show crack marks over time plus the steel lid is not very heavy anyway. My car weighed 2800 with a Big Blk in her and a steel floor so u dont have to do much to get under 3000 weight. Only fiberglass on the car when it was weighed was the hood and she was still only 2800 lbs.
  9. 86 GT, glass Cervinis hood, glass HO Fibertrends hatch (both are bolt ons), lexan rear window, removed rear seats, plastic & sound deadener, move battery to the rear to help make up for weight loss of factory hatch. So far no problems with the glass hatch or lexan window (2 yrs) and it passes inspection. Car weighs in at 2875 lbs with a 1/4 tank of gas. :shrug:
  10. Hey I remember there was a link, which I dont remember,but it had custom fiberglass parts,such as fenders, doors,etc.Maybe you should look into that and a glass change. Just a thought.
  11. If your talking door glass , forget about it. It scratches VERY VERY easy. Should be reserved for just race only cars as even bugs can screw it up. Expensive also.
  12. Lexan is expensive, scratches easily, like stated and if you replace your windshield with Lexan you must run a centerbrace behind the lexan all the way down the center of the windshield, according to NASA/AI/AIX rules. If you considering Lexan check with your rule book first.
  13. [/COLOR]This stuff is much better than plain Lexan. Here is some info directly from the website. It is pretty expensive though.

    Want to take some weight off your race car?

    You need percy’s “race proven” speedglass windshields and windows.

    Why choose speedglass over lexan?

    *highly scratch and chemical resistant

    (Resists Vigorous Rubbing With Steel Wool!)

    *50%-75% Lighter Than Glass



    *higher resistance to pitting than lexan

    *available in oversize or stock fit

    *the best in optical clarity

    *can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner

    ( no extra polishes or cleaners needed)

    *excellent water shedding capabilities

    (water beads up and blows off creating fantastic visibilty)

    *windshield wiper friendly

    Percy’s makes the best performing, longest lasting racing windshields available!

    Street/strip and drag race molded applications
    Pre-molded, coated on both sides. Available in thicknesses 1/8", 3/16", 1/4". Available as 1" oversize for use in custom applications! Side, quarter, and rear windows also available. Tremendous weight savings over factory glass!! Knock several tenths off your e.t.'s