anyone using an aftermarket 03/04 cobra hood? questions...

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  1. Is anyone here using an aftermarket 03/04 aftermarket hood on their non-cobra mustang? how is the fit? any drawbacks? can I simply transfer the locking mechanism from a stock GT hood, as well as the under-side fire shield to the cobra hood? do the OEM scoops fit these hoods just fine?

  2. Buy a cervinis if you want a quality fit and finish piece. While this isnt a termi hood, its a cervinis piece, and i love it.

  3. You trouble maker.
  4. Look into keanan best aftermarket hoods ever built,Fit like stock with barely any adjustment, idk if they make termi hoods though.
  5. HO fibertrends
  6. I have heard equally good and bad things about ACB exclusive hoods. Some swear by them and others say stay away. They make just about any hood you could want. I have never heard a bad thing about H.O. fibertrends but have heard complaints about keanan.
  7. I remembered this car from a while back and found the guys photobucket.

    Cervinis 03/04 hood


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  8. And after seeing those pics again I might go buy the hood from AM. I noticed they were carrying it now.
  9. Guys, when using the 03/04 cobra hood with the 99-04 GT, do I need to use the hoodliner as well, or can I get away without using one. Also for the scoops, I was thinking of blocking these, as it looks like a bad way for water to get into the engine? Do the factory scoop inserts block water from getting in?
  10. You dont need to use the hood liner. Its actaully put there to snuff out a an engine fire if it happens. The plastic pins melt and the liner falls on the engine.

    The factory hood vents will block out water pretty good from what I understand. I would not permenantly block them off since you can remove them to help pull heat out of the engine bay.