Anyone using RCI's street belts??????

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 67GTCOUPE, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. I would love to upgrade my 67 stang's seatbelts......but I am not interested in the three point-hack job.

    I have seen the 4 point RCI street belt system in Summit....says it can go into any car......just wondering if anyone knows what these are like? :shrug:
  2. I have had two different cars with the 5 points. You will learn to hate them. It takes both hands to buckle them. The best one is the one where each belt plugs in and locks. The most common is the one with the flip over lever. Those take practice to master. :nonono:

    P.S. I am fixing to have to put a set in the new toy. :D
  3. I'm using the RCI 4 point street belts. I'm very happy with them, I didn't want the 5 points goin between my legs and they're very difficult to buckle and unbuckle. I didn't want to be not using my seatbelt around town cause it's a PITA to put on. The RCI is just like getting in any newer car that has a shoulder belt, you just sit down and slip your arm through, but then you reach back your other arm and slip that arm through that side too. Then it's very easy to buckle and unbuckle them, it's just like an airplane seatbelt similar to the stock mustang seatbelts. They were very easy to put in, the 2 bottom connections go right into the bolts of the stock belts and the 2 rear connections mount around a roll bar cross brace or such. They're also really easy to adjust, they have the adjustments on the ends plus they have adjustments in the middle of each strap. oh and they're about half the price of the 5 point systems.