Anyone using the AFS Mach1 17x9's?

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  1. I'm planning on going with new Mach 1 wheels, but not the AFS 17x9s... The problem is that the 6.11" backspacing is impossible for a '65-'70. Based on the wheel fitment chart I have, the max wheel recommended for a '65-'66 is a 17x8 with a 4.5" backspacing. The chart does list that 17x9s are viable on '67-'70s with a recommended backspacing of 5.5". Still, to get the AFS wheels to fit, it would require a 0.61" spacer, which is more than I'd feel safe running. The only option then becomes an adapter, providing a 1" offset, and are pretty pricey (over $250 for a set), but even then, the effective backspacing would be 5.11" and still too much for the '65-'66 cars (in addition to the wheel simply being too wide to fit the wheel well).

    Instead, have you considered going with a set of new take-off 17x8s which have a 5.72" backspacing? With adapters, these would fit perfectly on the '65-'66s, as well as '67-'70s since the chart does recommend a 4.5" backspacing for the 17x8 on '67-'70s.

    Personally, I'm planning on going with new take-offs and using a 0.25" spacer, effectively making the backspacing 5.47". I'm assuming this should be ok since 5.5" is the recommended backspacing for the 17x9s, though it will pull the outer edge of the wheel deeper in the wheel well. Ultimately, I'm waiting to do the measurements myself just to verify, though I'm sure the chart will turn out to be correct.

    BTW, here's a photochop of the wheels on my car... I'm really looking forward to getting 'em.
  2. Oh, and here's the sizing chart I was referring to... it was printed in Mustang Monthly I believe (or was it Mustangs and Fords:shrug: ).
  3. Thanks for the reply. That's pretty much what I was thinking was the going to be the problem. The main reason that I was looking at these, were that I could get the set for about 400 shipped. I am puitting new tires on my wife's stang and was going to take her old tires.
    As for take off's the cheapest that I have found was at . Karkraft has them for 899.95. I sent them an email to get a shipping quote last week, but no one has answered back.
  4. I'm planning on buying my set from Kar Kraft. Wheels, tires, mounted, balanced, shipped, all for right around $1k ain't bad. I've found a couple places that regularly have the 17x8s alone for around $500 shipped (like, but after getting tires, adding mounting and balancing, etc..., just getting it all from Kar Kraft will work out a bit cheaper.

    Good luck, and make sure you post pics when you get it done.:nice:
  5. My 2 cents...
    I have AFS Cobra R wheels, 17x9 in the back which has a 5.95" bs; the chart recommends 5.5". I'd agree with the 5.5, or even 5.75". I had to hammer a a little bit on the "inside front sheet metal" of the rear-left wheel - cuz the tire was hitting it. Plus, if I fishtail on dry ground, they'll rub. Because my car is lowered, if I used 5.5" then they'd end up rubbing on the fender lip (they aren't rolled). So as told, you'd need some thick ~.6" spacers made, and those **NEED** to be the BOLT-ON spacers, DO NOT use free spacers, the max I'd suggest for a non-bolt-on spacer is lie .20-.25" (which I may get some .15-.20" spacers done for mine later).
  6. Thanks for your 2 cents.
    I do have one question, what size are you running on the front?

  7. I'm considering just getting the Ford Mach1 17x8 wheels. Anyone know the offset of these?
  8. 17x8 - 4.95" bs
  9. As I mentioned earlier, I believe the OEM 17x8 Machs are 5.72" backspacing (1.72" offset). I seem to recall reading this in some documentation somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. I'm pretty sure its the same as the Bullitt wheels, which I'm pretty darn sure is 5.72" backspacing.:shrug:
  10. To make sure there's no confusion with all these wheels going on around - the 17x8/4.95"bs I'm refering to my AFS Cobra front wheels.
  11. If the bs is 5.95, then is a 1/2" spacer right?
  12. maysn, just to clarify, what year Mustang are you planning on putting the wheels on? If its a '65-'66, then 5.5" backspacing will still be too deep. From everything I've heard and read, plenty of folks are getting away with 4.75" backspacing on 8" wheels, which is apparently the max backspacing for the '65-'66s.
  13. I missed typed the bs. It should've been 4.95 as stated above.
    Now, with this bs, could I run a 1/2"?
    I looking at putting this on my '65.

  14. I believe a 0.5" spacer would work (though the widest I'm aware of are 7/16", which would probably do), but the question then becomes: is it safe to run a spacer that wide?

    Again, from my research, its not a good idea... to do so would require getting longer wheel studs (0.5" longer), which should be readily available, but is not the purpose for which they were designed. Extra stress to the studs would be caused by the wheel being further offset from the hub because of the spacer. Not good. The better choice would still be an adapter like the ones on Kar Kraft's site. Obviously, the 1" offset of those spacers would take the functional backspacing from 4.95" to 3.95", which is no good.

    Now, I assume you're still talking about using the Mach 1 wheels. The tough thing there is that the AFS versions are apparently only available in 17x9, and the OEM versions definitely have more backspacing than 4.95". Now, if the AFS versions were actually available in a 17x8" in 4.95" backspacing, and you use a 0.25" spacer (which is considered safe), that would give the wheels a functional backspacing of 4.70", which should work. Like I mentioned earlier, I've heard of several people using 8" wheels with a 4.75" backspacing. You migh search the archives for more info, as I recall there were a couple threads about it (mainly on 15x8s rather than 17x8s though).

    Ultimately, all this is still just theoretical until you actually measure your own car. There are still enough variations in sheetmetal fit, rear axle centering, frontend alignment, etc., that measuring your car might be the best way to know exactly what will fit.

    Just more to think about...:shrug:
  15. Thanks for the input.
    I'm still trying to learn the idea of back spacing. Anyway, 1/2" spacers can be found on ebay pretty cheap. (10 bucks + shipping). I too think that going with a just a spacer could be unsafe, however, the late model stangs with 1" spacers all the time. I'm going to order the Ford wheels next week, guess I'll see what happens then. I've emailed the guy that has the below auction to see if these will work.
  16. Really? Spacers, not adapters? Wow, I wonder if that is actually viable... do you have a source for getting 'em? Do the late model guys have to get longer wheel studs? How much? Man, if the late model guys are using spacers that wide without stud failure issues, that would be pretty good news. Even if its not cool for real performance applications, it might be good news for the folks that just want a good looking weekend cruiser.
  17. BTW, since this thread got me thinking about the possibility of running 17x9s, I came across these...

    I wonder what the backspacing on them is? Damn fine lookin' wheels... hmmm... $ tires.... need to save some more $$$, but maybe.... just maybe...;)
  18. These might work. Not a lot of info, or I mis-read the description.
    * These adapters have slotted holes to allow installation on both 5 x 4 1/2 in. and 5 x 4 3/4 in. car hub bolt circles.
    * Wheel adapters are for passenger car use only.
    * Do not use impact wrench to install.
    * Do not use more than one adapter per wheel.
    * Do not use if wheels exceed 1 in. offset.

    I have to call to get the rest of my stuff I need for my cam/carb/intake upgrade, I'll ask what these will work on. If they do work, then 80 for the entire set would be better than the 290 that karkraft want.