Anyone want to help me do a little research (Genetics related)?

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  1. Anyone who has ever studied Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, etc, etc will tell you that life is anything BUT simple. Even single-celled organisms are amazingly complex and even the slightest variation from very narrow functional parameters for ANY living organism can mean death, or is this very complexity of life to begin with that has lead to such an amazing diversity of our biosphere. :nice:
  2. Talkin' to a brick wall, Fritz. Save your breath.
  3. My post was for the benefit of everyone here, not one individual, even if I used an individual's previous post for the basis of my comments, and to provide some perspective.....:shrug:

    I'm off to dreamland now, but I am going to discuss the questions raised in this thread with a colleague of mine who is very well versed in genetics....maybe I can shed some more light on the subject tomorrow evening...................:nice:

  4. Then does life simply end with death, or is there something more? Can you explain everything with "Life is simple"?

    To explain the purpose of this thread and this forum: when you make friends with people, do you only talk about cars? Just cars, and nothing else? I wouldn't. I have interests besides cars. I would talk about them as often as cars, and sometimes more often. Here, in the classic talk section, the vast majority are friends. And it stands to reason that the 'talk' may not always focus on cars. it's that simple. the forums reflect a conversation in flow.

  5. Gentlemen.....Based upon my own personal experiences with what should have been a terminal illness (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma @ Stage IV), and my experiences when my mother died from breast cancer.....I am completely convinced that THERE IS a GOD, "Higher Power" or whatever else you want to call it and that once you shed this mortal coil there is another plane of existance waiting.
  6. OK, I certainly hope you pick the "correct" God. There are several to pick!

    However, if you guess wrong (according to your current beliefs) you may end up in that bad place with all the bad stuff going on.

    Remember, there are people killing other people because they feel their beliefs are correct. Are yours correct or do you simply believe in something because you were born where you were born?

    Again, pretty darn simple. Stop listening to all that crap you read, see and listen too and go figure out yourself what is right. When you do it on your own then you will have it sorted out. You have got to go full circle to get to where you need to be.

    No one can do it for you!

    Wisdom from Historic!

  7. What is the "correct" GOD? And how can you, who don't even know me, know what my beliefs are?

    That is a fact I am all too aware of, I lost a number of friends to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, and I train on a DAILY basis to mitigate the damage from any future attacks.....and again, how do you know what my beliefs are? Did you even read my post before, or did you see the word "GOD" and assume I am a Bible-thumper?

    Your own post just proved it is NOT simple, life, cultures, beliefs, are far from simple!

    You mean like your posts?

    How do you know I haven't? Again I ask, did you even bother to read my post?
    Already have.

    Not hardly. Just because you are a few years older than me, doesn't make you any wiser, nor vise versa. On a closing note......I don't know what has been troubling you lately, but it is no excuse for your recent attitude towards the rest of the people on this forum. I have a lot of respect for what you have done, and what you have shared on these forums, but because of this change in attitude I am rapidly losing respect for you as a person.
  8. Historic,

    Do you believe in God ?
  9. A met an atheist who was dyslexic......he doesn't believe there is a Dog!
  10. :ZOT: old joke. Any idea on the fish, or have moved on to religion?

    BTW: here's a thesis for you:

    Prompt: Is hell endothermic or ectothermic(sp?)

    A answer:
    First we assume that a mole of souls have a specific weight and mass. Next, we determine the rate at which souls are entering hell. Since there are a number of "Cults" and religions that believe that any person who is not a member of their sect is damned, we can safely assume that all persons on this planet are damned to hell.

    Now, either hell is expanding at a rate greater than the amount of souls going into it; or hell is static, and it's size remains constant.

    If the former condition exists, then there will come a time in which the expansion of hell will cause it to lose it's vital energy and it will freeze over.

    If the latter is true, then there will come a point that the capacity of hell will be breeched and all hell will break loose.

    Now, during Freshman year, I pursued a member of the opposite sex for sexual relations. She informed me that it would be a "cold day in hell" before such relations. Seeing as how three years have passed and said relations have still not occured, it is safe to assume that hell is not endothermic; therefore, hell must be ectothermic by elimination.


  11. Ah so weedhopper.......Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will skip work for a week.................:hail2:
  12. Alright everybody just calm down. Lets leave the spiritual/philisophical gobbly gook (specific engineering term) to another thread that states certain terms of discussion.
  13. Ah, you are most wise Oh Learned Dawg of the Closet Door!:hail2:
  14. not to mention sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

  15. Hey! Don't be trying to catch too many fish.... the forward live well is full of ice and Bud Light! :p
  16. You obviously don't know how to fish!:nonono: You're NOT supposed to catch them!:nono: