anyone want to sell me one?

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  1. Anyone want to sell me a turbo off a SVO 'stang? Let me know...
  2. do you need the just the turbo or the exhaust manifold too?
  3. I'd imagine he needs alot more than that but he doesn't know it yet ;)
  4. i need just the turbo....i'm turboing my probe GT and i have everyhting else together...i just need the turbo to start making my piping. And yes, I know i can use other T3s, but i just wanted to see where i can get the best deal. i will get it rebuilt too.... thanks.
  5. anyone???
  6. I have a rebuildable ihi that is still good-has some play-I ran 20 psi with for a while before I bought my hybrid. 50 plus shipping-I might have a rebuildable t3 around but it's easier to intercool the ihi because it has the piping coupler
  7. There are normally a couple on ebay...
  8. i'll try this one more time...anyone else?? I know they are on e-bay but ive been screwed over enough times on there and would rather not buy from there if i don't have to. Thanks.