Anyone wanting to switch to a 400+ hp 4.6L?

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  1. I'm looking for interest in my engine. I have a max performance engine that I am looking to sell. The entire motor is worked over and fully blueprinted and balanced. Everything is forged and the compression is near stock at 9.4. From top to bottom this motor is a complete pig. It has been fully broken in, and dyno tested to upwards of 330 whp. I still get 26 mpg on the highway with 3.73, and the pull of this motor is insane for a n/a combo. The oil system has been beefed up as well as the cooling system. I have all of the techinical info listed in my profile, and anyone mildly interested should take a look.

    I am looking for interest right now. There is nothing wrong with this motor. As a matter of fact, I feel bad parting with it. I tune and build these motors for a dyno manufacturer, and I feel funny parting with my work. The reason I am selling this combo, or looking to, is that I would like to step up to another engine. I have a stroked and over-bored 5.4L (now a 6.0L) DOHC with ported heads and forged internals waiting for my engine bay. Before I go ripping my motor out, I would like to see if anyone would like to have what I have enjoyed.

    The motor has less than 7500 miles on it since the bottom end was forged and finished. The rings are file-fit and gapped for nitrous or blower applications. This costs about 5-8 horsepower loss at peak, but the payoff is room for extra heat. I had planned to run my twin nozzle nitrous setup on this motor, but I refrained from doing so. This motor has only been run n/a.

    Feel free to ask any questions. I'll answer them as promptly as possible.

    Thanks y'all.