anyone with pics of 18" rims on car

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  1. I am looking to buy some 18" rims for the 92 Notch. Not sure what kind yet but want to be a little different then everyone else. Also thinking about loweing it maybe 1-1.5 " . TIA
  2. looks sweet! I believe yours is not lowered correct? I have been looking at ROH Modena's bu tnot sure if the ywould look good on LX.
  3. These are the rims I am thinking about

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  4. Very similar to what you're looking at.. these are ROH Drift R

  5. Very nice stance! what do have suapension wise?
  6. 101_0243.jpg

    Its lowered a little over 2 inches i think. I have drag launch springs with coils removed until I liked it. I actually have lowered the rear more since this picture.
  7. 18s, and lowered...

  8. so 25th... how many mags have offered to feature your car so far???

    that thing is amazing. nice pic too.

  9. Thanks, Saleen springs and Kenny Brown Trackit brackets in the rear (lowers LCA 1/2")
  10. 2, already shot for one, but not sure if/when that will get in. The other I am not gonna hound the guy. If they want it they want it, if not I drive it and not care :D.