anyplace online to buy automotive paint supplies?

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  1. Going to get some interior pieces painted. mainly the door jams, center ring around the a/c controls/vents and stereo and shifter.

    my buddy has an air paint gun. He says i need clear coat, and i need laser red paint. where can i get a pint of it?
  2. I dont know but I would sure like to know the same thing.
  3. I found a place at that will match the paint and sell a pint of it, including clear at about $185.

    But they say its a "tri color" paint, which needs a "base coat that is the paint color, a midcoat which is a tinted clearcoat and finally a clearcoat."

    My bud with the paint gun says he's never heard of this "tri coat" method. Can anyone chime in and help out?

    Theres got to be an easier way to do this tho.. I really want to match the exterior color of my car, is there a spray application i can use that would be easier? Or should i jsut bring it to a shop and have them do it?

    I have the tan interior, anyone think that the laser red would look bad on the interior pieces i described?
  4. tri coats have been around for a long time. you might have trouble matching the color perfectly, if you are not familiar with painting. the more coats of the mid coat, the more the color changes.

    you can get paint from NAPA....

    its decent stuff. i have used it many times with good results.