Anyway To Add Nets To Halo Headrest?

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  1. Like the title says. Any way to add nets to non netted halos?
  2. They are connected to the framework and the padding is then molded around it as part of the assemble process.

    So not like factory at least. Now maybe an aftermarket company could do something with it. I was thinking of leather wrapping my halos....or maybe a set of 87-89 GT headrests and actually having a usable headrest
  3. I did some trading and got a ok set, trying to decide what to do with them.
  4. Sell them to don't need them anyways :drool:
  5. Dye them and run them.

    I love mine.
  6. love mine
    they were grey abd i died them

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  7. WP_20150627_17_25_03_Pro.jpg WP_20150807_19_46_33_Pro.jpg

    The nets can be added, (I think that was the basis for your post, not if the halo's could be used).

    When I had my recaro's redone, they redid the halo's too with new nets.
    The nets aren't quite like they used to be, but the effect of the look is the same.
    Apparently the materials to do physical nets isn't very available and when it is found, it's fragile.
    It's more like mesh now.

    A halo is more about the frame than what it looks like on the outside.
    Once you have a frame that fits, you can make it look like anything you want.
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  8. I REALLY want a set of classic Recaros in my car. Those look great.
  9. These should fit real easy.

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  10. The seat themselves really aren't that much money in the big scheme of things.
    I've always believed the only seats that look right in a fox are flofits and certain recaros.

    Where you get whacked is the recaro sliders and wedge brackets.
    That's $400 in themselves.
    And I don't think there is any cheaper solutions.

    I forgot how much i'm in them.
    But I think the seats were like $250 on craigs (recaro edition transam)
    $950 shipped for the refinishing.
    Then another $400 in brackets.

    The recaro's are actually found in a lot of factory cars in the 80's and 90's.
  11. I may have to look into that. I'm starting to get sick of the SN95 seats. Too high and no support. Need real seats
  12. You're right, they came in every generation of GTI, lots of old BMWs, etc. Used prices, from what I have seen, are climbing (if you can find someone willing to sell). If you got yours for $250, that was a steal.

    My hang up, is do I want to spend $1500+ restoring old seats or just buy new ones for $2k? Also when the GTS II Corbeaus are half the price of Recaros, that's a pretty tempting route as well.

  13. If you refurb them, you literally get them your way. Color, scheme and stitching (I opted for gray baseball stitch).
    I don't hate the corbeau's, but I don't love them either.
    Imo the netted headrests are a must, they were basically the reason I had them done.

    I got mine a few years ago from some kid on craigslist that bought them out of a junkyard.
    He didn't have the means to get them done and just wanted out of them.

    Anything rounded, just looks wrong to me in a fox.
    It's a boxy car and should have boxy seats.

    Recaro makes it almost impossible to figure what they sell now and how much it costs.
    And when you do figure it out, it's usually only for 1 seat.
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  14. I just don't like the look of pure race seats, and would like my rear seat to match.

    I think one of the vendors was supplying rear seat fabric to match up to their front setup.
  15. I'm going to get the rears done to match. Just one of those things I've been putting off.
    The guy that did my fronts said I can just pull the material off the rears and send them to him to save on shipping, then install myself if I want. Not sure how i'm feeling about that idea.

    I just don't think there is or is ever going to be a good off the shelf solution to matching anything in a fox interior to something that didn't come in a fox interior originally.
    I paid $950 for the fronts to be redone, that including some missing knobs and fixing the foam. While I haven't gotten an official price (sounds kinda like i'm going to have to find out the hard way), it's gotta be notably less than the fronts.

    Forgot mention, one of the real advantages of the sliders and wedge brackets is that you can alter the seat quite a bit for height in the front and back. Each end has 3 bolt holes so you can even pick your pitch along with the height. The seats go so far back too that i'm 6'1 and all the way to the back and I can't even drive the car.
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  16. i actually like the stock seats in my 86 better than thr custom ones in my 90


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  17. I've always loved those seats. They just don't work well in black interiors :(
  18. I considered having a set of 86's redone (i'm not so sure the factory material looks right in an 87+), but all the ones I found were beat beyond belief.
    Most of which the drivers seat was notably bent.

    Another set to be on the lookout for is from a 79 pace car (and similar).
  19. I think TMI does sell the proper foams and cloth coverings to redo the seats back to OEM glory. NPD has a pretty good selection of their products and shows replacement foams for all the fox seats. You just need to start with the particular frame for the seat you want to rebuild. So I'd have no qualms about finding a set for cheap and rebuilding it from scratch.

    Of course that would imply TMI actually responds to you as I've sent 2-3 emails to them about recovering a fox seat bottom to match the 99-04 fronts and get crickets.