AOD guys with 4:10 gears in here!!

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  1. hey guys... i need some advice/help on what to do.
    My problem im hitting the rev limiter in third gear at the track before i cross the line!!
    I have an AOD with a true 3200 stall and 4:10 rear gears...

    Are any of you guys with 4:10's having similar problems????

    Is there any mod you can do/buy to shift into O/D at WOT???

    Will going with a lower stall increase the top end MPH???

    i need help!!! i would rather not swap the rear gears to 3:73's but if thats the only way to get more MPH out of it, i guess i will have to.

    thanks in advance!
  2. The easiest thing to do would be to go with a taller set of tires. It will effectively give you a higher gear ratio but with out swapping the gears. Say going with a set of 28" ET Streets. And you can swap back to stock tires for street use.

    As far as shifting into OD unless you have made some internal mods to the AOD I would recommend against it. The OD band is the weak link and under WOT it will burn up. Sometimes it will last for a while and with others it goes up in smoke quick. I know from experience. An AOD with no OD, 4.10s and 70 mph on the interstate is no fun.

    I think that my set up in my 93 is similar to yours only I still have the stock converter. NA I run [email protected] mph. With a 100 shot it goes [email protected] and it is out of gear. Given that I would think that your converter and gears are what is keeping you mph down.
  3. thanks for the help...i think i am going to try a lower stall like aroung a 2800 because i have way too much stall for my car anyway. That and a set of taller tires and i think i would be okay?? Right now im running bald 17" nittos which are i think less than 26" now. What size would be equivalent to a 28" tire for 17" wheels? Or should i just get a set of 28" ET streets for some 15" wheels??
  4. Personally I would throw a set of 28" tall ET streets on some 15" rims and use them as track tires and run you 17" rims with a set of street tires.

    Since my AOD has no OD I have one out of an 89 Mercury Grand Marquis that I am going to swap in. It will have an A++ OD servo, 3000 RPM Lentech non lock up converter, shift kit and we'll see how that runs. Then I plan on selling it so I can work on my 88 FHP coupe.
  5. I have 410's too and Im not even "close" to the red line! :shrug: R U using street tires? A taller tire will do it. I didnt see any major mods in your sig. Are you running the stock cam? Stock intake?
  6. i guess the plan is to put some 28" tires on 15" wheels then..I would like to be able to run in street form though....but owell..

    my car is far from stock it has h/c/i and im spraying a 100 shot.
    GTOReturns-what size tires are you using?
    im running 275/40/17 nitto drags which are listed at 26.1" tall but they are now bald
  7. Invest in a chip. Depending on what you have your probably making power up there. A chip will higher the rev limiter. Im running stock size tires. I was running 16 inch Nitto DR's, 26 inch tall.