AOD in 1968

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  1. I want to install an AOD in my 1968 Mustang Conv. I know you have to make a new crossmember. Is there someone that makes a kit so I can keep the stock looking shifter? If not what shifter should I use? Will the driveshaft have to be shortened? Will I need Flywheel and converter? Anything else?

    Thank you
  2. Just buy the cross member, no need to make one. There are several places that have them.

    Windsor fox had some shift linkage for sale, but it appears he screwed enough people, that he is finally out of business. I managed to get one of the last ones for the shifter before he closed up. You might find someone like texas mustang that might have one on the shelf. While I was waiting for mine, I did make up one from the AOD linkage along with the stock C-4 linkage and it worked great too... even more adjustable than the WF unit.

    Not sure about anything else, as I have an 8.8 in there and I had to have a whole new driveshaft, but I am sure some one will speak up.

    Good luck
  3. You can keep your stock shifter and all you will need is the adapter linkage mentioned above and new cross member. You will need a torque convertor for an AOD and a new flexplate to match with a 28 oz balance. Drive shaft depends on the rear end but you will need to measure it for sure once it is installed. Your current drive shaft can be modified for around $100at any good drive shaft shop. I fliped my TV (throttle valve) bracket on the transmission so I could reuse the stock kickdown linkage instead of using an aftermarket TV cable setup. Speedometer cable should plug right in. You will need to modify your neutal safety switch by cutting off the C4 plug and attaching the AOD plug (get from junk yard). I have a drawing of it when you need it just let me know. Good Luck