AOD installed!

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  1. AOD install complete! Oer the last 6 months I've aquired and made all the parts to rebuild and install an AOD in my Cobra behind the windsor. It has been an interesting adventure. to say the least. I rebuilt the AOD front to back and installed the 4R70W gearset for the wide ratio (lower) 1st gear. The was the easiest part. Make it all fit inthe narrow tunnel of the II was the real joy. I modified the strut rod brackets to move the crossmember back 2.5 inches for the trans mount. After that is was thump the firewall at the very top of the tunnel to make room for the bigger-rounder bell of the AOD. After getting it all in I changed the lower arm of the shifter to correct ratio and connected a cable from the shifter to the trans, and a Lokar TV cable setup to the carb. I modified my Hedman Headers yet again to fit around the bigger transmission. Things are really close and I have a couple of spots that rub just a touch, but I'll get thoise worked out over the next couple of weeks.
  2. Great job :nice: and I thought the 302 with a C4 was a thigh fit. Keep us posted, with photos when available.
  3. will make for a nice relaxing drive to Carlisle this year.
  4. Please post pictures as soon as you can. This I gotta see!
    I know just how much room there is when I added my Windsor, and some inner fenderwell mods were necessary, as well as some small header mods, and the oilpan mod etc......
    But an AOD in there?
  5. OK I have lots of pictures.

    All the AOD bolt bosses are thicker and the bolt heads would have caused clearance issuse at the top of the firewall. So I did this to the top two bell bolts.


    Here is what I did to move the crossmember back the 2 1/2 inches for the AOD mount. I've seem some (no offense) VERY redneck ways of doing this but supporting the weight of the back of the transmission on the ends of 2 long bolts? Not for me.

    The factory setup:

    1st cut and tack:

    Renforcements welded in:




    1st side finished:


    Both sides done:





    More to come...
  6. I had to do a little trimming on the rear bracket support. I figured I would but until I have everything in place. I didn't know how much. The final fit is exactly how I'd hoped it would turn out. Once I do a little clearancing on the tunnel at the top for the bell I'll be able to get a mount in and make sure the transmission is in the correct place so the driveshaft angles are good.




    I was lifting an empty case in and out to get the firewall clearance. Really only at the top of the tunnel before the firewall goes verticle did I need to "move things up. I used the lower arm of a "fox" shifter and the cable assembly. I just bolted the cable bracket to the bottom of the bolts that hold the shifter to the car.





  7. Here are the modified headers and everything in is final place. I couldn't get things to fit with the Aluminum pan so I went tback to a stock pan with a drain installed.







  8. No, Tim, the two long bolts are redneck, every time I've seen it I've cringed but kept quiet trying to not be the bastard.

    Yours is the best idea I've seen. :nice:

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  9. Nice job dude!:nice:
    Good pics as well.
    What you should do after you finish, is post the mod over at Mustang II tech.
    Mustang II Tech

  10. I agree with Wart, that is by far the best idea of moving the tranny mount back that I have seen. It looks like you have done a spectacular job so far!!
  11. Thanks guys. I did a lot of planning and gathering of parts before I actually started the install. I didn't have many suprises. Except for the fact that the Hedman headers actually almost fit. I was ready and perpared to build new headers from scratch. I'm glad I didn't need to.

  12. It looks like a really professional job.
  13. Nice work. Looks factory.
  14. Excellent job! :nice: Beat me to the punch. My base headers were Headmans aswell. Unaffortunately the project got abandoned many years ago before I got the headers all ironed out. Nice work. :nice:
  15. Thanks again guys.

    Hey Dano! Good to see you around.
  16. AGREED, nice to hear from you Dano!

    Tim, just a note to say thanks for the card in the mail. Sure was a surprise.:eek:
  17. Hi Guys I dop have a 76 V8 with a Factory 3 speed C4 , my actual transmission its makins a vibration and some noise ( like a brrrrrrrr at hig speed and sometime like a cling cling at medium speed) it feels like the transmissions bars are failing, i did replace it but the noise still the same.

    I notice tail of the C4 ( tranmission bussing ) its loose, Do you think that a transmission swap its possible fro 302 fro C4 to AOD?

    Tiim did a gread work on this one !!
  18. This AOD swap was a lot of time, effort and ingenuity, and a few bucks too!
    You would be be better off replacing or rebuilding the C4, unless you have the skills, time. and money.
  19. Pretty much what he said. Unless you can do the bulk of the work yourself this is not areal cheap or easy swap out