AOD/Manual swap. How much is Involved?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Fairlane, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. I've got a 91 5.0 LX with the mods listed in my sig. I buddy of mine has a 87 5.0 police interceptor that he wants to sell me for about 1500 bucks. The car I have now has an AOD. The Police Interceptor has a 5 speed. What I want to do is buy a very nice 5 speed for the 91 and put the AOD from the 91 in the Police interceptor for daily driving. How much is involved in doing this? What all do I need to get for the 91 to put the new 5 speed in? What is the best 5 speed out there? Thanks for the input. -Don
  2. I costs alot! you need, shifter,knob, interior shifter plate, pedal assy, cable, tranny, bellhousing, mount, tranny crossmember, clutch, brearing and pressure plate of course, you need a flywheel, and all the bolts to go though the job, plus the little 5sp wire harness helps.
    There are step by step instructions out there, just do a search for aod to t-5 swap...
  3. i'm sorry I didn't read your post well. The hardest part of the job is the pedal swap. Take out the drivers seat and just take out the steering column out of the way, It's just really tight to work in there...
  4. the t-5 world class tranny is good, and the tremmec trans are the best I guess, but expensive cause you have to buy a different flywheel etc.
  5. I'd say buy the car, swap the transmissions, and then sale the intercepter for $3000+ probably :flag:
  6. oh my god that would be sweet!! I would be very jeolous!! I was a dumb ass and bought all the parts over a year. I should have just bought a whole parts car..
  7. Thanks for the imput. I'm thinking that I am just going to buy something newer and more reliable than that Mustang for 1500 bucks. -Don