Drivetrain Aod Thoughts, Rebuild Or Just Do Vb?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 90lxwhite, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Ok so I'm going to start working on the fox again. It needs a new rear main so when I change it I'm going to put a new tc in that I've had awhile. The trans doesn't slip but I wonder if I should save for a "new" rebuilt like a monster or just get a new vb or shift kit. What kind of life expectancy do aod's have? Motor is stock w boltons but maybe heads one day. If I go just vb what do u guys like for a middle of the road besides the $400 lentech?
  2. Get a hold of Dan at Silverfox. He'll point you in the right direction. I'd recommend one of his valve bodies.
  3. I'll assume you have an external trans cooler as well? If not...get one....a big one. These AOD's need it in stock trim. Adding a convert is only going to increase heat output.
  4. Yes, yes I do
  5. His entry level vb now runs about $300. $270 + $20 core. That seems kinda high for something put together at someone's house. Core charge, c'mon Dan...
  6. You ever been in a car with one of his VB? They are well worth the money. The guy has helped more people than I can count and will support you well after the sale.
  7. He prob has s core charge cause he is modifying a stock vb and selling them. I just did the transgo kit. 150$ including trans fluid, it's about 10 quarts if you drop the valve boby.
  8. No, no I haven't.
    Yeah I'm sure that's why he has a core, but cores suck kinda.. How u like the transo?
  9. It's like a whole new car, makes it more fun to drive automatic. Never been in a silver fox vb car though so I can't compare
  10. Which kind have you dealt with?
  11. Transgo reprogramming kit
  12. Oh yeah that's right, you did it not too long ago?
  13. Yeah about a month or two ago