Aod To C4 Swap...

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  1. Anyone here do this swap?...i lost 3rd and OD in my AOD..i just dont know if i feel like re-building the AOD..I can get a c4 that is rated at 1000 hp andd a complete bolt in for my car just needs a shifter and flex plate...I just hear bad and good about the c4 any input would be great thanks...
  2. I had a 90 gt back it the late 90's and it was an AOD car and a swapped it to a C4 and I loved it. If you dont mind loosing overdrive its the way to go. I had to make an extention for my crossmember due to the c4 being a little shorter but now there are adjustable crossmembers out there. c4's are strong transmissions and quite a bit lighter than aod's. I had a hurst quarter stick shifter and it fit nicely in the console and it looked wicked also. Even at 1/4 throttle it would leave a patch of rubber when it hit second. I used a 157 tooth flywheel, the driveshaft from the aod worked fine, Changed cooling lines and ran an external cooler and also you will need to run a vacuum line to the modulator valve and thats it.
  3. Thanks for the info...i dont think i need the vac line tho this is a full reverse manual valve even has a trans brake...which im not hooking up right but there if i want comes with a cross member and a 3500 stall convertor from UCC...i think im going to do
  4. Go ahead and hook up the trans brake. It should make for one hell of a show at a red light :)
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  5. hook up the brake ! you won't regret it , as far as converters I would make some calls and ask around 3500 may be a bit high for what u use it for you may need like. a 2500-2800 but don't quote me

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  6. I think it might be a little high too..but he said that it should stall lower being my set-up is it might go down to like 2800-3000 if its to high its a UCC convertor i can pull it out and they will re-stall it for me...

    I dont know if im going to hook the brake up until after i do the is a convertible i dont have the cage even in
  7. Hook it up and don't use it it's less work after the fact

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  8. Yeah true...dumb question is how does it work..i know its an electric solenoid but how hard is it to hook up? i just wonder how much faster the car will be with the C4 in im sure it will be the AOD robs alot of power from what im told...
  9. i am not sure i have never actually wired one up

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  10. it will be much faster without the lag between shifts

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  11. Cool i dont know what it ran with the nothing to base it hoping for mid 11's i will be happy with that.
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