AOD to T-5 Parts List?


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Dec 14, 2008
So Im finally gonna start tearing apart the notch now that I have a new DD. Does anyone happen to have a complete list of parts required for the AOD - T-5/Manual conversion? Ive been looking and Ive found different lists that are either incomplete or say different things than the other. Thanks in advance for the help guys!
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Jun 2, 2005
My list consisted of the following............

-clutch pedal assembly

-block plate......bought mine new from Ebay for a really good price,works perfect

-T-5 (and fluid)

-bell housing

-clutch kit (throwout bearing,clutch,pressure plate,install tool)

-flywheel (can re-use the AOD flywheel bolts)


-clutch fork

-clutch fork cover (fastens to the side of the T-5)....getting hard to find,many run without them

-two shorter bolts for the top two on the bell housing

-clutch cable

-aluminum quadrant

-HURST shifter and handle (brand and style are optional of course and that subject has been covered in many threads))

-console shifter plate and boot

-floor seal (seals around shifter to prevent crap from coming through the hole in the floor)

-T-5 harness (I just plugged my AOD harness in for the back up lights and let it go at's been great)

-Firewall adjuster ----optional,but good to have----

-steel bearing retainer......optional,but good to have

-new rear tranny seal if you're using a used tranny

-new rear engine seal (THIS is the time to swap it !!!)

The crossmember,driveshaft,and tranny mount all stayed the same.


Oct 8, 2007
Near STL hell
I think Vinnie pretty much covered it, I'll just add on...

-T5 H-pipe hanger, the AOD one will not work at all... people run without them though.

-The AOD driveshaft has a dampener thing on it, but it can still be used. I picked up a T5 shaft for super cheap on Craigslist. I didn't know there was a difference in the shafts until I did my swap.

-I heard you have to elongate or modify the mount holes on the AOD crossmember to work with the T5, my T5 kit came with the right crossmember... so I don't know from experience.

-Don't forget the little "E" clip or whatever its called to secure the clutch cable to the bell.

-If you get a FWA go with the Micro Cick style... best on the market. :nice:
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