AOD VS. C4 / hassle versus performance

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by gearheadboy, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. I am in the middle of a carbbed 351w swap in my Capri. I also have a 4:30 gear. This is a steet/strip application. I have no real trans. How much pain is an AOD in a carbbed car? O/D would sure be nice. Will it hold up without great expensive internals? Should I do a c4 instead? OPINIONS? I have a 66 mustang c4 with the wimpy 22 (I think thats what I counted, I forget now) spline input. Two other thoughts are: I am gonna run full length headers and I am gonna rebuild my own trans, as I do it all day at work.
  2. Almost forgot, I have a 28oz imbalance.
  3. A C-4 and 4.30 gears would suck on the street IMO.
  4. I have 2.73 gears in my 79 and 4.10's in my 82, both 302's with C4's. Having driven the 79 260,000+ miles with stock 2.47's, a majority of miles with 3.08's, and the last 4 years with the 2.73, I just can not stand the lack of overdrive anymore. It was ok when the speed limit was 55, but now, with 70 back, it is annoying. This is with the 2.73's. In my case this is somewhat also due to the fact that the old style 79 ac compressor does not like highway trips at 3000 rpm. Post 82 cars do not have this problem as much.

    The 4.10 car is even more annoying to drive, although much more fun when you stand on it. Longest trip in it is about 15 miles, in 5 years.

    Also drove my old Bronco, C6 with 3.55's about 1600 interstate miles over the July 4 th weekend. Never again. Convinced me to get a late F150 with o/d.

    Guess I got spoiled by my wife's Explorer, so for anything that has to drive anywhere, I would absolutely go with the AOD. I have one waiting to go in the 79 as soon as I have time for it. It has gotta be the best of both worlds.
  5. OK, so I'm gonna do and aod w/carb. What year aod? out of what? I want a non lock up correct? I want as little hassle as possible. I will rebuild/modify it myself as I do automatic trannies for the GM guys. Need the FOMOCO experiance.
  6. I agree with the need for OD, as i too have a carbed/c4 combo with 4.10s, and not only does mileage suck but so does 3k rpms at 60mph. 3 inch 3 chamber Flows with dumps at 3k rpms spells "HEY LOOK AT ME" and i'm tryin for a sleeper. Plus i can hardly take off at all around cops without them thinking i'm racing. On the flip side, it's an absolute blast when gas mileage and speeds above 60 aren't needed. Stop light to stop light i wouldnt have it any other way.
  7. C-4's and AOD's have almost exactly the same 1st 3 gear ratio's. You just get an OD.
  8. your not gonna run the AOD in its stock state are you? they barely hold up to a bolt on 5.0 car let alone a torquey 5.8, be sure to beef up the AOD before putting it in.
  9. Thats the kind of info I need, I was planning on the input shaft, converter, valvebody, and a "performance rebuild kit"