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  1. Something is wrong with my transmission (or stall converter). The transmission seems tight. It shifts firm and doesn't feel like it is slipping or anything. The problem is that is just goes into "neutral" at times. Sometimes at a dead stop and punching it. Sometimes at WOT, when it shifts itself into second gear... it just pops into "neutral." I immediately let off the gas and it goes back into a gear, sometimes it pops back into gear even before the RPM's have a chance to go back down.

    I feel like the tranny is still good. Does this sound like a bad stall converter or soleniod? Is this a common problem? The funny thing is that the tranny feels great when it doesn't do that "pop into neutral" problem. Any ideas?
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    hi your problem is an easy fix as long as you have checked to make sure it is not low on fluide if the fluide level is up to snuff then what is wrong is your MLPS or manual lever position sensor is bad it costs about $100 dollars at a ford dealer but if you go to an auto parts store tell them you need the nuetral safty switch for an automatic car it will cost you about $21 at autozone. an its an easy repair aswell. if done it on both my 95 vert an my 96 mark 8 so im quite fermillur with what your going threw. good luck

  3. Yes, the fluid is full. I will look into that and post the results... Thanks for responding...
  4. The dealership has no clue what I am talking about in refference to Bulletin #ATRATB305 JAN 95 A/T - Shifts To Neutral At Heavy Throttle.
  5. EluderRacing - Is the MLPS the same thing as the trans range switch?

    Also, does this sound like the problem you were having?

    ATRATB305 JAN 95 A/T - Shifts To Neutral At Heavy Throttle
  6. tell them you need neutral safty switch

    hi actually my problem was my car had a cobra computer an my car is automatic so it was messing up the transmission. but as far as your problem it sounds just like the problem i had with my mark 8 i would be driving an it would feel like it was going into nuetal then if i would give it gas it would rev yp an slam back into gear what it ended up being is what is called the manual safty switch it is called somthing different on a mustang but it is the same part actually the same part number even what you need to do is go into your local store an tell them you need a neutral safty switch for your year mustang with an automatic transmission it is held on with 2 10mm bolts on the driverside of the transmission. i hope this has helped you alittle.

  7. Sweet :nice: This site rocks.... I had this exact problem bad when I first got my stang. I would come to a Yellow light.... mash it down and it would revvvv really high and sorta coast you to the middle of the intersection and then BAM! 1st gear.... ass all over the place.... and the po-po sitting there shaking his finger at ya like you did it on purpose.

    Later Reverse went out... the plunger got hard as a rock and quite working... the gears were badly worn and the tranny guy showed me where some [email protected]$$ had tried to put a shift kit in it. We figure he got in over his head, put it back together and sold the car.

    Everything is better now... except I occassionally have the neutral drop problem. Kinda strange it's usually on a corner for me. Particularly a right hand corner, but not always. So maybe a tilt in the car and the sensor on the side of the tranny is the problem. Probably should check to see if it's bolted i right or has a loose connection. It's worth $25 or so to see if it's the Safety Switch.

    You have my curiousity going... I'll let you know how it turns out if I can get the part by this w/e.
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    This problem almost gets me killed. I wait at an intersection waiting to get into traffic... I see an opening between cars... I mash the gas to get in and it moves 5 feet and goes into neutral. There I am, sitting in the middle of traffic with cars bearing down on me. Hope you get it fixed before we get ourselves killed :bs:
    It is also nice to see you gained over a second and a half from a 100 shot. Hmm, my slow car needs some juice too :)
  10. It's funny to have guys ask me why my car does so well on the juice compared to other guys running the same shot. All I can say is the Zex kit rocks. My buddy has the kit too and is getting almost the same ratio as me. He's back on the 100 shot until his adjustable fuel reg gets here.... but we like the kit a lot.

    There are pics on my site... plus movies of the 75 shot kickin' a SS Camaro at the track. That guy was PISSED! Wanted to run a second time. It was funny to hear the guys in the pit area talking real loud about how much he just paid for that car.

    As I slowly open up the airflow we get better results from the Zex kit. The TB helped alot since you pump in the air after the stock M/A.... I can even get a couple of tenths out of the compressed air when the juice is empty. :nice: So we're guessing that the new M/A will help some. Plus the Cobra intake should add a couple of tenths with the new injectors. I'm trying to be realistic. I wanna get my stang to a 14.6 off the bottle and break into the 12s on. Probably going to take headers for that. Replacing the stock ones are all I like on the exhaust. I'm not ready to lose the CATs just yet.

    I haven't been on here too much or had time to work on the car.... been freelancing to save some money for bills and hopefully wheels and tires.

    Since my car rarely does the neutral drop... I'm not sure if I'll have immediate results or not for you... but I have one corner by work that it seems to like. So I'll post what I find out. Definately is dangerous and VERY serious. The worst I had it was when I went to pass a car. Little leftover wetness from a rain earlier that day on the road.... I pushed the pedal down to pass. Got enough speed to get my front bumper next to their back bumper. Then REEEEVVVVVVVVVV.... all the people in the car looked at me.... and BAM! 1st gear... @$$ went sideways (away from their car - thank god :worship: ) and towards the ditch... :( I let out of it... got it back under control, then cleaned my drawers. :mad:

    About 10 miles on down the road... I decided to try again. This time I got in the other lane, was square with the road and one car length back. Punched it... with the same results except it didn't kick out. I flew past them... but didn't need to. They were scared and hit the brakes HARD! :rolleyes:

    I'm glad the tranny is much better now.... just got to get that occasional one out of the system.
  11. I have the same problem with my 95. There is a safety complaint on NHTSA's website ODI Id. #8001939 Complaint powertrain: automatic transmission park/neutral start switch. Everyone that has this problem or has had it and since fixed needs to call their 800 number and complain in hopes that we can get a recall started. The number is 1-888-327-4236 there is not a specified amount of complaints needed for this but the more the better.:)
  12. hmm...

    I got a nice rebuilt tranny in mine, i stomped on it, im not going to lie, but its only got like 500miles on it.

    My problem is that the car will sumtimes run in gear when I put it in N and smash the gas hard.

  13. Have you checked your linkage? Maybe it needs adjusting a bit?? I guess you should do your tuning in Park and not Neutral. :D
  14. Bringing this thread back if ya'll don't mind. Does anyone know if the neutral safety switch at autozone for $21 is a bolt on replacement or does it require some finagling? $100 at the dealer, phueey.
  15. yea that had happened to me a bunch of times b4 i finally ponioed up the cash and rebuilt my tranny and tq convertor. then it fixed it
  16. The one from auto zone looks exactly the same as the one from ford. To install it. Put the car in neutral. On the drivers side of the transmission remove the connector off of the mlps and take off the two bolts. This is hard to explain but on the sensor there is the round part that rotates and there is the housing, on the housing there is a line and then on the part that rotates there is a line, remember this for later. Install the sensor but don't tighten the bolts all the way tight yet. Make sure the trans is in neutral. Undo the linkage then line up the lines and then tighten it down. That is neutral then tighten it back up and that's it. I believe if the linkage is towards the front of the car it's in park and if it's all the way back it's in 1 gear. MAKE sure you check this before you do. just look under the car when it park then look under when it's in first gear and you will see. When You are changing the mlps it can move around in gear with clicks so if you get off and don't know what gear your in just put it in park and count the clicks. p-r-n-d-2-1.